The Motley Coffeehouse

At around 10:00 p.m. today, in need of a study break and a warm drink, I embarked on a ten-minute walk from Pomona’s south campus to Scripps College. I was in search of hot chocolate, and where else should I get it, other than The Motley Coffeehouse?

Referred to simply as The Motley, the coffeehouse is a student-run, non-profit, cute little place, just like a quaint coffeehouse you can find at The Village. The real plus is that it takes flex, and it helps out a fellow Claremont College.

The inside of The Motley: the menu, the place with the baked goods, the place you pay. I’m sitting on a booth, opposite to the front counter.

I enjoy walking all the way uphill to Scripps to treat myself to a cup of hot chocolate once in a while. This is the only real thing on the menu I’m familiar with. The hot chocolate comes in three flavors: regular, Mexican, and white.

I got a large white hot chocolate. Apparently the sanitizer they use to wash the mugs is messed up, so I got a free to-go cup. Normally, paper cups cost a dollar, to promote the use of reusable containers. As you can see, there is a leaf on the cup, which obviously represents the environment.

The Motley is just one of the nice, hidden places of the 5Cs that I frequent.

With paper cup in hand, after my drink is ready, I normally walk to Malott to avoid the small crowd that is in The Motley. It’s closed at this time, so I sit right outside it, and I typically phone a friend to chat.

Today, I called a high-school friend who goes to Scripps, and she was studying in a room right above Malott. I went to visit her and her friends while they were doing math.

A blurry picture of my friend, Elisa Gomez, and me.

After a bit, she had to leave. My roommate asked me to get some hot chocolate for him, also, so I returned to The Motley and got him a regular one, and I helped myself to a bar of dark chocolate.

A blurry picture of the dark chocolate
A blurry picture of my roommate’s drink. The baristas like to do this design-thing for hot chocolate with white stuff. I think it’s a swan? A leaf. It’s art.

And, after my trips to The Motley, I head over to Pomona snack. Today there was flan.