Everyone at Pomona is better than I am. At something. And no, this isn’t me having low self confidence, it’s a fact—a fact of which I’m constantly reminded.

The current reminder up for discussion is a cappella.

I have a friend who scrutinizes a cappella, saying that colleges are forced to have groups to appeal to Glee-obsessed high school students looking to apply. I don’t think that’s the case. I think people who truly love singing come together in an organic way to form a cappella groups. But, what do I know? I certainly don’t have the talent to be in one. My sister went to Scripps, and in her sophomore year, on the way back from SCAMFest, she and her friends decided they wanted to form an a cappella group called, “Human Noises.” If you can sing (well), you are not allowed to become a member. Maybe I’d have hope in joining that one (nepotism aside). Though such a fabulous idea never came to fruition, it became a tradition to talk about it each fall whenever SCAMFest rolled around.

Also, though my idea that a cappella groups are a lot of fun to be in is purely speculation (and based on the personalities and temperaments of my friends who are in them), it is influenced by the fun I have in seeing our groups live.

Near the beginning of the semester, “snack concerts” happened frequently as a cappella groups advertised auditions and looked for recruits. It was also helpful that the beginning of the semester includes a lighter workload, so heading up to snack at Frary on a weeknight seemed like a good idea. Throw in a cappella, and I’m sold.

Here are some snippets recorded on my iPhone:

“She Will Be Loved”

Another snack concert song!

This one’s pretty funny…

The Claremont Colleges have numerous groups, which are, in no particular order:

  • 9th Street Hooligans
  • Kosher Chords
  • Mood Swing
  • The Claremont Shades
  • After School Specials
  • Midnight Echo
  • Men’s Blue and White
  • Women’s Blue and White

(The last two are the only single-sex a cappella groups, and, even though named after Pomona’s colors, include members from across the 5Cs.)

I’m a fan of a cappella. And you can be too. SCAMFest is happening a week from today, on Friday, November 9th. What is this “SCAMFest,” you’re asking? It is the Southern California A cappella Music Festival, hosted right at the Claremont Colleges at Big Bridges. Our a cappella groups attend, as well as some from such exotic places as USC and UCLA. Tickets are on sale now! You can pick them up at the box office at Big Bridges or online for (once fees are added) $7 for students or $12 for the rest of the world, OR you can save money and buy them in the dining halls. There, tickets will be $5 each. So get your tickets and clear your Friday night schedule, because SCAMFest is a fun, sinaglong-inducing event that you (or at least I) won’t want to miss out on.