My Last SCAMFest

Kosher Chords in all our magnificence

Though we’ve already heard about SCAMFest from Lauren I wanted post about it as well from an insider’s perspective—since this was my very last SCAMFest!  I’ve been in Kosher Chords since my freshman year and we always have fantabulous time.  SCAMFest is only one part of what makes my a cappella experience so magical, though it is pretty special with the matching outfits, the microphones, the big stage, and the couple thousand people watching.  It’s also kind of amazing that just by virtue of our being an a cappella group of the 5 C’s, our crazy rehearsals get to translate into performing at Big Bridges every year.  I also realize that after this, I’ll probably never perform in front of such a big of a crowd ever again!  Strange thought.  It’s been quite the adventure.  After four years and four SCAMFests with my KChords, it will be weird to just be a spectator if I am able to come again next year.  I’m so happy to have been able to be onstage with these awesome people, and I think we really grow as a group every year. 

That being said, it was almost surreal to be there last night.  I can’t believe it really happened—all of the hype and the anxiety was there for me but kind of distant.  We were well prepared in the week leading up to SCAMFest: we got our songs and snazzy choreography down pat.  But then suddenly it’s Friday and we’re having sound check and going out to dinner and getting all dressed up.  It all seemed to move so fast.  Next thing you know we’re sitting in the balcony watching the first half of the show, which is always fun but kind of nerve-wracking because all I can think of is how that will be us in a little while, up on the big stage.  Intermission and we’re warming up, getting the pep talk and being nervously excited.  Then boom, we’re next up, dancing around backstage to Men’s Blue and White, and then we’re announced and we’re grabbing the mics and it is show time!  Strangely, I wasn’t that nervous to walk out on stage, microphone in hand and smile beaming across my face.  I’ve been on stage many many times, but I’m always glad the audience is dark so we can’t really see everyone.  It just felt like we were singing our songs like we always do, and I think we sounded fantastic.  The best part is definitely when people cheer.  We started “Carry On My Wayward Son” and the audience was excited, which was encouraging.  Then suddenly it’s over and we’re bowing and that’s that!  There’s a huge release of tension after we get off stage and everyone is just so happy and excited and relieved.  We did it!  The rest of the show was a blur since we were just celebrating back stage.  And of course, taking pictures (I love taking pictures).

Post-singing happy dances

Both Kosher Chords and I have come a long way since I joined as a freshman all those years ago.  When I joined we were pretty new and had only six members, and now we shine in black and teal on a semi regular basis, thirteen members strong. I love that no matter what happens onstage, the most important part is the fun we have together and the beautiful music that we can make.  Let’s not rush the rest of the year; I’m not ready to say good-bye just yet!