Family Weekend 2013

This past weekend was Family Weekend at Pomona.  From Friday to Sunday, families of students can participate in various activities from attending classes on Friday to enjoying a Jazz Brunch at Frary on Sunday morning.  Family Weekend, in my opinion, is one of the cutest parts of the entire school year.  I love walking around and watching students show their parents around, overhearing conversations. “This is the Coop. Their milkshakes are amazing.” Or in Seaver Sciences: “This is where I have biology lab; those blenders are for grinding up pea plants.”

My family came for the day on Saturday.  We went to brunch at Frank Dining Hall.  I love watching people who aren’t used to the buffet lifestyle completely bewildered at all of the options.  We then went shopping to stock up my in-dorm pantry, and then went to the Pomona’s Got Talent Show at Little Bridges.  I’m always so amazed at the talent of my fellow students!  We then walked around the campus and of course made our necessary trip to the Coop Store to buy more Pomona shirts for my Dad’s endless collection.  We sat in The Coop, drank coffee, ate cookies and enjoyed the beautiful day.  Finally we went to dinner and frozen yogurt in the Village.

As a college student, it is easy to feel like we live two distinct lives.  We have the life we live nine months out of the year — that of a student — filled with homework, sleeping, studying, socializing, and eating.  Then for the other three months of the year, we live the life of sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles—we live the family life. It is very rare that these two lives converge, but Family Weekend is one of those times.  This is why I love when my family visits.  I get to live a double life for a day.  I get to show my parents around, and give them a little insight to what my life is like on a daily basis, but I also get to play the role of daughter and sister, like I did for the first 18 years of my life.