For our non-Sagehen readers, allow me to explain what Snack means at Pomona.  On weeknights, Frary Dining Hall comes alive once more for a free-pseudo-fourth meal.  Last night, cake was served, and the night before, it was macaroni and cheese.  Last week, baked pretzels, bread pudding, and veggies were provided.

I know this so well because I’ve taken to religiously attending snack.  When I lived on South Campus, I was so lazy that I shamelessly beckoned my sponsees to my room before their trek North, and I mandated an informal snack delivery service.  That said, my participation hinged upon the desire (and willingness) of others, so snack was an ordeal of infrequent begging.  Now a resident of Clark I, Frary is a mere 15 steps from my room, and nothing can stop me from gobbling everything in sight on the stroke of 10:30.

At home, I was always a snacker, constantly cupping goldfish in my hands or licking peanut butter off a spoon.  At college, I thought I’d finally broken that addiction, only to suffer again at the hands of free food, which I seemingly can no longer neglect.  That said, I appreciate this gesture on Pomona’s part not only for the cornbread and the sandwiches, but for the homework break as well.  Snack is a wonderful excuse to justify time to eat with friends.  I have this (potentially ungrounded) theory that eating meals together is the skeleton of social life at Pomona, so I welcome any opportunity to indulge (as does everyone else.)