Sanskriti 2013

This is the poster for Sanskriti, a South Asian Cultural Show!
This is the poster for Sanskriti, a South Asian Cultural Show that I attended this evening.  What an amazing performance!

Tonight I went to Sanskriti, a 5C Asian Cultural Show. It was sponsored by Ekta, Claremont Bollywood Dance Team, and the Hindu Society. It was a two hour long show filled with dancing, singing, comedy, colorful costumes, and even some beat boxing.

What an awesome opportunity it was to witness such amazing and talented dancers and singers perform in front of a thousand people in Big Bridges! The performances were outstanding. From upbeat Bollywood dances to classical Indian folk songs, the performers nailed every single performance. Every time I attend an even like Sanskriti, I feel so grateful that I go to school in such a diverse place. Being able to attend events that are not only fun, but are cultural experiences as well, is one of my favorite parts of being a student here at the Claremont Colleges.

Sitting in the audience of Big Bridges I began to think about the type of students that make up our amazing student body.  Every single one of those talented performers has a passion for dance or singing in addition to being passionate about whatever their academic majors may be.  When people ask me what defines a Claremont Colleges student I always respond with: “Someone who is very passionate about many things”. That may seem like a vague or dull answer but it speaks the complete truth.  Students here have passions.  They dance. They sing. They write, read, paint, tutor, play an instrument, teach, beatbox, play sports.  Sanskriti gave the performers a chance to showcase their passions while at the same time it gave the audience a chance to learn more about South Asian culture. I look forward to Sanskriti every year!

Unfortunately, I was not able to take pictures inside Big Bridges, but here is the promotional video.