Hello Junior Year!

The fact that I just wrote that title is so crazy to me.  JUNIOR!? As in more than halfway through.  As in, officially an upperclassman.  How is that even possible!?  I remember like it was yesterday moving in, signing up for my first college classes and meeting my sponsor group for the first time.  Now I’m two years away from that!

At 11:00 AM today, I handed my physics professor my exam and walked out of the classroom.  That was it.  With that two second exam-exchange came three months of freedom.  It’s been a tough last few weeks with essays, lab reports, final presentations, and final exams.  But suddenly, all school-related responsibilities have diminished. In one instant, my stress level went from extremely high to absolutely nothing. It’s time for summer 2013!

I’ll be spending my summer here at Pomona working and researching in a neuroscience lab, but I plan to come home every weekend to enjoy family, friends, food, and relaxation.

I’m still having trouble believing I’m a junior, and it probably won’t hit me until I begin school in the fall.  Then again, I still feel like I’m a first-year, so maybe it never will hit me!

Now it’s time for my summer to officially begin! Happy summer 2013 to all!