I’m arriving on campus in just eight days!  An Orientation Adventure (OA) Leader position is responsible for my early return.  I distinctly remember leaving Yosemite as a peppy (and at that point, dirty) first-year, wondering whether I’d ever return to OA again.  I hoped so, because I thought it was the best thing in the entire world without exception, and that my life would inevitably go downhill forever after The Highpoint.  Then, like a middle-aged couple constantly postponing their young dreams, I experienced the sensation of “life getting in the way” (that could be a great title for an adequately-grossing romantic comedy, too).  Sophomore year rolled in, and I became a sponsor, and then junior year snuck around the corner, and I found myself studying abroad in Scotland.  Finally, as a senior, I’ve returned to the OA experience I loved so much!

I’ve been assigned Camp OA.  This was kind of a thoughtless choice on my part, as I placed it somewhat-high on my list because I half-remembered a friend and former-leader saying it was “pretty fun.”  After being assigned, I actually opened its little description to find that it’s “the indoor OA,” or in other words, the trip where one doesn’t camp and doesn’t cook for oneself and enjoys modern marvels such as showers and electricity.   That said, I, like that same middle-aged couple, have also grown weary (lazy?) over the years, and this cushy setup seems great to me.  I could include a caveat to ensure you know I am still fully capable of hiking and climbing and roughing it, but I’m too busy imagining myself basking in the sun like a lizard to articulate it fully.

Despite the promised pleasantness of my near future, I’m most excited to meet all the first-years and to “introduce” them to Pomona (ironically, away from Pomona).  This is one of their first tastes of what the school is all about, and I’m giddy remembering myself entering being faux-meek and nervous and leaving confident and excited.  Although the incoming students won’t necessarily leave with the same bounce in their step (I can admit it was a zealous period in my life…) I do hope they enjoy it and make tons of new friends.  More to come next week during OA training!