Facebook Interactions and Future Blogging

If you follow of this blog, you probably have read my amazing posts. Also, you’re probably pretty cool. Finally, you probably know that I have a thing for pop music.

bshiuIf we explore my brief, recent Facebook history, we will find out what I am doing this semester, and what I probably will blog about.

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Not too long ago, this happened:

I comment on Sue’s post in the Pomona College Class of 2017 Facebook page
I comment on Sue’s post in the Pomona College Class of 2017 Facebook page

Surprisingly, Sue does have many friends, which I find extremely shocking. However, ever since coming to Pomona, Sue has acquired at least 13 new friends because of her AAMP group.

I (along with Kirsten) am her AAMP mentor! and I will be mentoring—and teasing—her and some other freshmen throughout this year. Sue will always have AAMP, and I don’t know what I think of this, because I don’t know if I will always want to have Sue………………………..

This also happened:

There is water where there should not be
There is water where there should not be

Water came out of the shower drain of my room and of those of some other rooms, which must mean I live in Oldenborg. (Don’t let that stop you from living in this foreign-language, air-conditioned, and overall-amazing residence hall, located on the south of campus.)

Since I’m living in Oldenborg, I have to eat lunch here a few times a month, and I also have to participate in some “international and intercultural activities.” I really don’t know what the Oldenborg website means by this, but I’ll find out and I’ll be sure to blog about them as they happen.

I also kind of joined Model UN by accident in an attempt to escape eating lunch here one time, but I’m going to try it out. I can blog about that later, also.

In addition to these things, I’ll be participating in PCIP again, playing in the band again, taking tennis class again, learning Spanish, and having fun because Pomona is fun.