Justin returns! Food!

Hi everyone!

It’s been quite a while since I blogged last, so I’m sorry to have kept you waiting for so long. As life goes, a lot has changed over the past few months. As a quick catch up…

  • My summer as a senior interview ended, and it was amazing. Seriously. Potentially the best job I’ve ever had. I can’t get into too many details here, but I can say I had a bunch of amazing conversations over the course of my time as an interviewer, and I’m eternally grateful to have met all of the interesting, amazing people I got to meet.
  • I’m a senior in college. Let’s rewind that. I’m a SENIOR. I can’t even believe 3 years here have blown by as if they’re nothing. And it’s already October! My youth feels like it’s slipping away.
  • I’m currently in a committed relationship. This might come as a surprise to some, but my significant other means a lot to me! You might be wondering, “who is the lucky person who is monogamously engaged with Justin Gutzwa?” Well, folks, that would be my senior thesis. Right now we’re in the honeymoon stage, where everything’s all rainbows and sunshines. I’ll check in about one month from now and let you know where I’m at with that.

So, that’s my life! Can you believe it? 3 months have passed since my last post and I don’t have anything else important to tell you.

Now, onto the meat of this post. I’ve seen a few bloggers here posting some Top 10 lists, or some favorite places, and I got inspired. What’s one of my favorite parts of Pomona? Access to the 5Cs. I’m not about to rank the Colleges though, as that’s pretty impossible. That being said, I’m  hungry now (what else is new?), so I thought it would be fun to rank the 5C Dining Halls based on my opinions of them. Before I start – I love all of the dining halls on campus. They’re all amazing. We have great food here, and I think that picking my favorite is like deciding between my sponsees to tell you who is my favorite. That being said, the show must go on!

7th: Oldenborg (PO)

Did you read my language post? If not, do. If you have, you know why this is last. Bad things happen when I sit at a language table, that’s all I’ll say.

6th: Malott Commons (SC)

Now those of you who know me know that I’m a fan of Scripps. The Motley is the best coffee house on the 5Cs by a long mile, the campus is gorgeous, they have great faculty (Chris Guzaitis, I’m looking at you), and most importantly some amazing people. But one thing that isn’t my favorite is Malott. Now, I’m not a hater like some of my friends are. I will gladly and willingly go to Scripps for a meal. The layout of the dining hall, however, is not as aesthetically pleasing as the rest of Scripp’s campus – and that’s admittedly hard to do. Best part: Cookies. Worst part: Layout.

5th: McConnell (PZ)

McConnell is, quite simply, so far away. Pitzer Bread™ is one of the best inventions on the 5C’s, they have amazing brunch, and they are the only dining hall to serve farro, which is the best grain ever. But Pitzer is such a hike to the point that no amount of artisan focaccia could get me to McConnell on a regular basis. Best part: Pitzer Bread. Worst part: Distance

4th: Frank Dining Hall (PO)

Nostalgia is really working in Frank’s favor here. I have so many beautiful memories of Frank, and I feel like Frank really gets me as a person – through the good, bad, and the ugly, Frank has always been there. It will always be there. That being said, like McConnell, Frank is so far in the opposite direction. Frank, you’ll always have a place in my heart, but I think for now, that’s all you’ll be – a distant memory that I’ll sometimes revisit fondly. Best part: The memories, man. Worst part: Wanting to feel like I’m a freshman again but remembering I’m a senior.

3rd: Frary Dining Hall (PO)

Frary is probably my most frequented dining hall for convenience’s sake (even though my swanky pad in Sontag is actually closer to a yet-to-be-named dining hall). And that has to mean something. But beyond that, it’s very picturesque: though I’ve started to take for granted the beauty of this Pomona landmark, it always is aesthetically charming. I also love the expo, the adventures, the sandwich bar on Wednesday lunches, and their pre-made Strawberry Almond Spinach salad. What separates Frary from the top of the pack? It lacks a certain dependability. You’ll just have to see what I mean later. Best part: Sandwich day. Worst part: Reliability.

2nd: Hoch-Shanahan Dining Commons (Mudd)

Ah, Mudd. I have two words for you: Saturday. Night. But also Wednesday night. And Thursday night. The expos are the best things – sushi on Saturdays, pasta bar on Wednesday, Mudd-golian on Thursdays. Easter brunch at Mudd is one of my favorite meals of the year. All in all, Mudd is distant but attainable; some exotic, far away oasis of amazing food and every kind of cereal imaginable. Since I haven’t eaten there at any meal other than dinner or brunch on Easter, though, I can’t give this dining hall my top spot. Best part: MPN (Mudd Pasta Night)™. Worst part: Lack of knowledge of the lunch/breakfast menus.

1st: Collins Dining Hall (CMC)

Collins is like your best friend after a bad break-up: it’s always there for you with a warm hug and comfort food. Collins is single-handedly the most reliable dining hall on the 5Cs – I can count on approximately zero fingers the number of sub-standard meals I’ve had there. The grill always has chicken breasts as a last-ditch effort (Frary, take note). The panini press is always hot (Frank, take note). Their pre-made salad and hummus bar is to die for (every dining hall, take note). Simply put, Collins knows what’s up. It’s a paragon of perfection in the collegiate dining world, and my life would be worse without it. Best part: It’s always there for you. Worst part: Crowds, because everyone else agrees with me.

So there you have it – My in’s and out’s of dining at the 5Cs! To be fair, I eat at all of the dining halls on this list frequently, so it was hard to rank them. Congrats, CMC – you’ve won this battle.

Until next time!