Investigating the AAMP Snack

The manner through which she gains her powers
The manner through which she gains her powers

Above, we see exactly what happens in preparation for the Snack.

Every week, the AAMP mentors assemble to talk about top-secret things. One of the products of these meetings is a plan for the AAMP Snack, which I look forward to, because free food.

It seems that AAMP is only allowed to reveal the following information concerning this phenomenon:
AAMP Snack
1) Free Food
2) Bi-Weekly (Thursday)
3) Harwood Lounge

From what I have gathered, this Snack is open to everybody. There is enough to eat for anywhere between 47 and 100 people, depending on the type of dish served.  The food is good, and some selfish people try to get more than one serving.

As a blogger for Voices: Pomona’s Student Blog, I decided to go undercover to find out what really happens in that kitchen the hours before the snackers arrive.

A Secret Photograph
They seem like they have something to hide. There is no difference


A mysterious, ghostly picture has been captured on camera
A mysterious, ghostly figure has been captured on camera
They must add the soap to food
They might add this soap to food

I do not know what to think of this, but sometime later I will investigate further. For now, I will attend AAMP Snack regularly and enjoy what there is to offer; it is very worthwhile.

So far this semester, I have eaten the following foods here:
1) Spam Musubi
2) Miso Ramen
3) Potstickers
4) Rice and Curry

The foods have been amazing.