Mystically, my class schedule aligned in such a way that my Thursdays and Fridays are perpetually free. Because I’m deluded, a notion has settled into my mind that I’ll have less work this semester solely because my courses are distributed differently. And because I’m inclined to cling to this hope, I’ve begun to plan how I’ll divide this pseudo-free time.

I’m woefully short of an automobile and cash and the first-year’s adventurous spirit, so I expect my time will be spent on campus. Thirty minutes ago, one of my suitemates asked if turtles chirp (they don’t), and in searching for the answer, I found a forum all about turtles. Something about these turtle owners huddled together to discuss these seemingly innocuous and decidedly adorable reptiles struck a poignant chord with me.

I’m 22 years old and without a bona fide hobby, especially not an endearingly passionate one. When I’m asked to describe my hobbies in the occasional “about me,” I struggle to remember how I spend my time at all. My free time, which does exist, (spare the turbulent periods of any semester e.g. midterms and finals,) seems elusive and mysterious when I try to remember it.

Although I could dedicate my time to productive hobbies (resume-building? Networking? Taxes, or something?), the true appeal of an adorable hobby is its lack of utility. Whereas a man bent over a magnifying glass, studying shedded-Brazillian snakeskins seems sweet to me, any added usefulness would weaken its charm. At the beginning of this year, I thought gardening might fit this bill, but winter break decidedly put an end to my plant-raising dreams (although my flora admittedly struggled for their lives even pre-December).

In the meantime, I guess it’s best to hope a hobby swings my way. After all, I can’t inorganically seek one, because I imagine it’s depressing to force oneself to indulge in old stamps or glass beads or bottle caps when one don’t actually enjoy them. Perhaps something will grip me before the semester comes to a close, and I’m catapulted into world beyond Pomona. Will update if my hobby dreams come true.

Until then,