Food, Glorious Food

College can be rough. Sometimes balancing academics, internships, clubs, applications, jobs, athletics, and that sliver of a social life is terribly and inconveniently overwhelming. Those activities that once constituted as pleasure become obligations, and stressful ones at that. It is difficult, when in this state of seemingly perpetual stress, to smell the roses. So what can the average overbooked Sagehen do to break out of this exasperating rut?


elf food

Food-one of life’s greatest gifts-is what drives the typical college student. We socialize over  food, we take breaks from our work to get food, we reward ourselves with food, we are attracted to attend actual events because of free food, we eat our feelings in abundant quantities of food (not recommended unless that food is chocolatey), etc. In summary, friends come and go, but food is forever.

new girl when can we start eating

Here in Claremont we have quite the selection on a daily basis. With our 7 fine-dining eateries (AKA the dining halls), various food hubs (including the Hub at CMC), and additional “culinary delights” in the Village, Claremont students are never deprived of the good stuff. So here is a list of my top ten favorite food-related benefits of attending Pomona:

1. Fresh produce year-round

I have never been more thankful for this than when I discovered that the salad bar at my friend’s east-coast college had little more than some sad lettuce and canned fruit.

remmy food

2. Personal Pizzas

Every Friday at Mudd I erupt into Hoch-Shanahan Dining Hall like–

jlaw pizza

3. Ted

The hero of every breakfast-lover on South Campus, Ted is the amazing Frank dining hall worker that supplies us with the most fabulous omelets of all time (although I’ve heard rumors of a strong contender at Pitzer as well).

Ted Omelet
My first ever omelet made by Ted *cue angels singing*

4. Challah

Every Thursday. No words necessary.

excited snl

5. Burrito Night

We have a saying on the swim team that gets us through Mondays: HAPPY BURRITO NIGHT. Also, California is the land of guacamole and I can never leave here because of that.

note book taco head

6. Variety

It comes with the whole 7-dining-halls-and-various-hubs-and-the-village-restaurants concept. I truly enjoy Pomona’s halls, but it’s nice for a change of scenery and selection every now and then.

Family dinner at Pitzer!

7. Sunday Farmer’s Market It’s adorable,delicious and like a block away from south campus. Plus there are always free samples!

easy a yum2

8. Frozen yogurt

Frozen yogurt is EVERYWHERE. Specifically, in the village we have the oh-so-classic Yogurtland as well as our small town’s ace of spades, 21 Choices. 21 Choices has 21 specialty frozen yogurt combinations (16 of which I have tried) and the create-your own where they mix-in whatever toppings you want. It’s like Coldstone, but with frozen yogurt and a false impression of healthiness.

 IMG_7088 IMG_7669 IMG_7084 IMG_7085

9. Eureka Burger, Some Crust, and all the other Village delicacies

no name eat everything

10. No judgement

You want to eat healthy? You can do that. You want to make a dessert Panini with peanut butter and hot fudge from the ice cream machines? You can do that.

 spongebob ice cream

I could go on and on about the gloriousness that is Claremont dining, but I’ve made myself hungry. I think I’m going to grab one of the Coop‘s critically-acclaimed milkshakes while I whip out some codes for CS. I encourage all of you to so the same (in regards to the milkshake, not the codes).

treat yo self


Kyra Sanborn