Studying Abroad in Melbourne, Australia: The Finale

I sit here on my couch in my new Sontag suite, back on Pomona’s campus, stumped as I try to organize my thoughts into a sort of summary of my experiences abroad in Melbourne. Should I mention the differences between our cultures? The prevalence of amazing Chinese and Thai restaurants? The various hilarious, crazy, and fascinating interactions with people from all over the world? Or perhaps I should emphasize the importance (and superiority) of Melbourne’s coffee scene? Or even the nostalgia I feel every time I see an Australian article on Buzzfeed?

It’s difficult to get across the warmth that fills my heart when I think back on Australia and all my adventures on the other side of the world. I was so lucky, so incredibly blessed not only to see what I saw and do what I did but also to share it with such wonderful friends. So instead of trying to explain my final thoughts on the last five months of my life (and getting all mushy), I think this compilation of various Snapchat videos may do a better service.


Also, after Australia I went to Thailand and it was amazing.

Kyra rides an elephant!

LOOK I RODE AN ELEPHANT. (Mother must be so proud).


Kyra Sanborn