Remember the Sagehens


To some, this simple acronym may seem rather underwhelming.

It may sound vaguely suggestive of some reject allergy medication, or perhaps the newest dieting trend (likely focusing on eating cardboard flavored paste and/or avoiding meat, dairy, sugar, and anything else remotely edible).

To me, and I think many others, it means so much more.

It means four days of competitive swimming. It means fast (and sometimes not-as-fast-as-you-want) swims. It means cheering so hard that your voice gives out but you try to scream anyway. It means huddling together with 70 other people and chanting something about bananas while getting weird looks from C-M-S. It means four incredible days with the people you adore most, watching them succeed and then letting their success fill your heart with happiness.

It means finally forgetting about the heartache and the stress of your year, even for just a moment, and again being ever-so-grateful that you found these weirdos.

It also means WINNING!



Specifically, Pomona-Pitzer ladies winning the women’s swimming and diving champs after 18 years of CMS (Claremont-Mudd-Scripps) coming out on top. The men were also closer to beating CMS than they have been in a very long time (#soproud)! And if you ask me my dear and small/possibly-nonexistent audience, I think we are going to keep on winning. Not just in points, though. I believe that because of our team spirit, because of our unbreakable bond as a team, because of our relentless goofiness and penchant for finding the fun in everything we do, that we have always won in some sort of inexplicable way.

So, in honor of my fellow swimmers and winners of the 2016 SCIAC Championships, here are 12 reasons why PPSD is the best and why you should, and I will, forever remember the Sagehens.

1.) Spontaneous mid-meet QiGong sessions

qi gong kyra gif

2.) We’re getting better and better: Each year adds faster and just as ridiculous and wonderful people to the team

first year swimmers kyra gif

3.) Our cheers are always on point

WE FEEL SO GOOD! Let's finish strong on the last day Hens!! #PPSD #pomonapitzerswimanddive #sciacs2016 #thisisouryear @sagehensathletics

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4.) We never take anything seriously

kyra swimmy

5.) Except for cheering


6.) We smart 

smart gif kyra

7.) We birg


8.) Our love of and support for one another

kyra gif

9.) Aaaand how our enthusiastic cheering and support for our divers makes the other teams’ divers jealous (hearsay, but probably very true)


10.) We end SCIACs every year with “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”

11.) We’re really, really ridiculously good looking



12.) We’re really, really ridiculous… and proud of it

kyra swimmy


Kyra “Sanbo” Sanborn

Eighteen years. The Sagehen has risen again. #sciacchampions #doubleguns #PPSD #pomonapitzerswimanddive

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