Spring Blooms

By Cynthia Cuellar ’21


If you peek closely in the crevices of Pomona’s campus, there are buds of color peeking their way out from the green foliage. On any given day, they may go unnoticed. And then almost magically, you start noticing their whimsical fragrance interlacing with the everyday gusts of wind.

It may seem magical as to how these blooms appear overnight. But it is not something that happens in a day or in a night.

These blooms are a product of biological processes in which small cells capture the light waves and particles to convert them into energy used for the flower’s own growth. Even then, there are unforeseen changes in the weather that can make it seem as if all odds are against these delicate but persevering blooms.

Like these physical blooms, the blooms of anyone’s success and happiness can only be experienced with time. It is very easy to become discouraged in an environment like Pomona’s of (seemingly) successful and happy students. During my first year in college, there were often times where I felt I was behind the rest of my peers. I experienced the so-called “imposter syndrome” in an academic and social sense. I felt as if everyone around me already knew how to study for class midterms and had a set group of friends.

It took me a while to realize that everything about college—including the uncertainties, insecurities and failures—is meant to help you grow. And I did grow. I now have the courage to go to any professor’s office hours and to ask anyone to grab a meal with me. And I am still growing.

Your buds and blooms are growing on a daily basis, even if you may not be aware of it. There will come a day when you will wake up to your own magical fragrance.












Cynthia Cuellar ’21


Hello! I’m Cynthia, a (potential) Chemistry/Molecular Biology/Public Policy Analysis major (I know, I’m all over the place). I was born in Guatemala but raised in Los Angeles for most of my life. My passions include coming up with cheesy pickup lines, munching on grapes, and drawing doodles on the edges of my notebooks. You can find me walking backwards as a tour guide, stage managing for The Green Room, and crafting random things at the Hive. I love bringing smiles to people’s faces so if you ever see me around campus, you can bet I’ll smile at you in hopes that you’ll smile back!