Favorite Foods: Claremont Village Edition

By Siena Swift ’22

When The Claremont Colleges announced in March that classes would be going online and I was packing up to move home, there were many things I was worried about. But one thing that didn’t cross my mind was how much I would miss eating food that I didn’t cook myself. In fact, I was excited to get to cook and bake again at home. But after three months of being home, I’m finding myself reminiscing about my favorite foods back in Claremont, so I thought I’d share some of them.

Siena at outside table with parentsThe Claremont Village is an adorable, cozy little town that is conveniently only a few steps away from Pomona’s campus. Along with fun thrift shops such as DeeLux and Vintage Odyssey, there are a variety of delicious food options.

One of my favorites is Saca’s Mediterranean Cuisine. Their chicken shawarma platter always hits the spot, and they have great vegan options too. I’m currently missing their falafel and pita as well, because my town is sorely lacking in Mediterranean food. I highly recommend checking out Saca’s if you enjoy delicious sauces, kabobs or hummus too!

Another spot in Claremont that I’ve been missing is Bert and Rocky’s. They honestly have some of the most delicious ice cream I’ve ever had in my life. One of my friends who goes to school nearby always insists we go there when she visits because she loves it so much. Bert and Rocky’s makes over 200 flavors that are always rotating as well as amazing homemade waffle cones. My top favorite flavors are amaretto cheesecake, peppermint and mint Oreo. With the weather heating up, I wish I could walk down the street and grab a Bert and Rocky’s ice cream cone. They even offer discounts for 5C students!

two students at Some CrustSome Crust Bakery is basically a cult favorite among 5C students and it’s clear why. Although I don’t drink coffee, even I have to admit it’s really good. However, their pastries seal the deal for me. Their cupcakes are the perfect birthday present, affordable and delicious with lots of fun flavors to choose from. They also offer a variety of cookies, scones and other pastries. Their classic chocolate chip cookie is huge and tastes so good. I wish I could make them myself at home.

The Claremont Village Eatery is a new addition to the town, a take-out place opened by the people who own Bert & Rocky’s. It gets five stars from me for its affordable but delicious avocado toast, perfect for piling tomato and cucumber on top. Their healthy sandwiches and burritos would usually cost a fortune at another restaurant. On top of that, they offer unique and delectable drinks. This store gets points for their friendly staff as well.

a pizzaHigh up on my list is also Blaze Pizza, a chain that does not exist in my home state. I really enjoy their easily customizable pizzas for an affordable price. Their garlic knots are fantastic too! I usually get a thick crust pizza with mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, sausage, pepperoni and oregano. And I always end up with leftovers in my fridge for lunch the next day. They also offer free delivery through Postmates sometimes, which is super convenient if you’re feeling lazy. Their store has booth seating which makes it a great spot to share a meal with friends.

To sum up, I’m missing Claremont a lot right now and not just for its amazing food options. I miss the people, the community, the Sunday farmer’s market and watching the sunset from Mt Baldy. I hope this list gives you an idea of some of the fantastic food choices the Village has to offer!