Letters of L♡ve

By Oluyemisi Bolonduro ‘23

During Claremont Christian Fellowship’s (CCF) post-Friday Fellowship, two acronyms were dropped. The first was DMC, “deep meaningful conversation.” The second was H2HC (not a molecule), “heart to heart chat.” I had both of these that night.

My original plan was to say hello for a short amount of time and vanish for the night (vanishing is me curled up in a blanket watching Start Up). A low social meter can plummet into extremes/red zones if I’m not careful (calling into unfamiliar spaces). But my calls that night had a cup of DMC and 16 tablespoons of H2HC, so I was okay. I ended the night with a smile on my face, which hadn’t been the case the night before.

I’m grateful that I’ve found people at The Claremont Colleges who are able to lift my spirits in exponential quantities. But sometimes, a quick call on Zoom or FaceTime isn’t enough to express or capture the joy they bring to my life.

several mailed envelopesWhen I first moved to Claremont as a first year, I sent letters to my loved ones. It was my way of intentionally connecting with them. If you’re able, I highly (!!!!) suggest writing letters to those you hold dear. I mean, yeah, you could always send your thoughts in a text. But the emphasis in letter writing is on being intentional.

Although we’re living in a pandemic and movement is restricted, I still feel like the days go by just as fast. So, when I read a letter from someone, I know they’ve stopped to reflect about what they want to say to me. The experience is even more heartwarming when you imagine them writing on a surface and crafting their kind words.

Oluyemisi holding a blue card
My current card … baby on blue on blue on baby on baby blue!

I enjoy letters of gratitude because expressing gratitude is an act of mindfulness. Also, it’s a direct me-to-you connection. In case you haven’t received a letter and you’d like one, I’ll write one to you below… enjoy!


Dear Reader,

My name is Oluyemisi Bolonduro! As I write this, it’s February 23rd, 2021. I’m writing in my favorite color, baby blue, and listening to my Disney playlist. I’m also wearing my baby blue [Disney] pajama set and baby blue durag. Some things about me:

  • I adore alliteration
  • I’m Nigerian and American
  • I’m lactose intolerant, so I drink lotsa oat milk
  • I love Korean Dramas
  • I’m at the Chimera Ant arc of Hunter x Hunter
  • I like jazz music
  • I love reading and writing
  • I’m a lucid dreamer
  • I see one singular cloud in the sky right now (but my glasses are off–aha… there are probably more)
  • My guilty pleasure is Digimon Frontier (I made a new friend today because I shared that on Pomona Black Student Union’s Instagram)
  • I’ve been writing in cursive since 4th grade/age nine. But sometimes I switch to print if needed
  • My hair is buzzed very short and I’m not sure if/when I’ll grow it out
  • I’m scared of bees … I got stung when I was eight 🙁
  • I’m severely allergic to grass
  • I like ginger molasses cookies!
  • I love to dance!
  • I want to learn how to do a front handspring
  • I love cucumber and pomegranate seeds
  • I’m 19!

light blue card with light blue penThese were nineteen things about me; now it’s your turn. If you feel comfortable, write me back! Maybe, ask [Pomona’s] Office of Admissions for my email. If not, well, happy to meet you!