My Favorite Places on Campus

By Darien Corrales ‘22

Coming from North Carolina, I found the Southern California atmosphere a warm welcome. Without the worry of freezing temperatures or heavy rainfall, most outdoor places lend themselves as study places or hangout spots. With this in mind, here is a list of places where you are likely to find me on campus.

(1) students walking toward Honnold LibraryThe Library

Honnold Mudd Library is undoubtedly THE place to study. When you walk through the doors you are greeted with the café, where you can grab a refreshment before, during, and after a study session. My favorite snack lies somewhere between an iced red eye and the yerba mate/parfait combination I usually get. Though a great place to visit in between classes, the café is only part of why the library is number one on the list. The library also has two outdoor study areas which differ from the (also great) private rooms where you can study, one by the entrance, and a second by the stacks on the second floor. The latter in particular is my favorite place to read, study, and lounge. This area allows you to be surrounded by an environment indicative of studying while having an open feel. You’re able to look up and feel a breeze as you see a group of your friends walking by while turning the page on your assignment. My friends will disagree, as they demand strict and enclosed areas to maintain their focus, but this remains my favorite place to study on campus.

(2) The Coop Fountain

student center with fountainThe Coop Fountain is another gem of Pomona. Let’s say that for some reason you aren’t feeling any of the seven dining halls: you can always rely on the Coop Fountain to have great food. It is typically a little busy, but the pasta served at the Sagehen café next door, along with the sparkling Martinelli you can pick up at the Fountain make a short wait worth it. The environment is not always conducive to studying (it can get pretty loud), but sitting outside by the fountain and watching the sunset is a great way to wind down and enjoy your evening.


(3) Claremont Pools

view of bare legs on lawn chair facing poolAll of the on-campus pools are great places to lounge, each with their strengths. My personal favorite is the Pitzer pool, and I might argue that this pool alone should have been ranked higher on the list. I try to visit the pools when I don’t have many assignments pending (lying to myself in thinking that I will be able to get some readings done as I lay out and tan). Realistically, the pools are a great place to unwind, and I typically get a little over a page into a book before I give in to listening to music or going for a swim. The pools are a great place to hang out with friends and, though you will not always have time to lounge, it is nice to have the option of sunbathing now and then.

(4) Marston Quad, Harwood Court, Wig Beach

two students lying on blanket on quadI visited the quads around campus a lot more often as a first year. Marston being the star of all outdoor areas on campus, many students go here to read, take a nap, eat, and study. My favorite times to lay out on the quad are on the cool, sunny days in Claremont. The benches all around the quad provide resting areas for in between classes, and the sidewalks all ease the interconnection of buildings and students around campus. Harwood court and Wig Beach convey similar environments but are more quiet and less trafficked, making it ideal for those who want to get some work done throughout the day.

(5) Lebus Court

leafy trees in front of Sumner Hall buildingOne of my favorite places to do work is almost always empty. The table in the middle of Lebus is quickly accessible from the Office of Financial Aid, so after a work shift I will typically sit and work on assignments before dinner. The round concrete table is best right before sunset, when the afternoons are cool, and the sun has a golden glow. Positioned across the street from Harwood residence hall, you can watch a slow stream of people going past, which creates an ambiance that prevents an uncomfortable quietness from developing. Typically, with an iced coffee from the Sagehen café in hand, I can be found here, finishing an essay or planning the rest of my day.