10 Favorite (Underrated) Spots on Campus

By Vids Hingad ‘25

We all know about Marston Quad, and Big Bridges and the Smith Campus Center. However, I wanted to share my personal favorite spots on campus. They are curated to give you a truly insider experience of Claremont’s most beautiful (and sunniest) places.

view of sky and palm trees from Seaver Theatre rooftop

  1. Seaver Theatre roof

It’s magical. That is how I will describe it. It feels like you have walked into a Greek god’s abode, as the grape leaves intertwine and let glimpses of the sunshine in. Pro tip: go there with some cheese and crackers when the sun is setting.

  1. Mudd-Blaisdell roof

The Blaisdell roof allows me to detox and escape from the world. May it be stargazing or working out, the roof always has a breath. of fresh air (quite literally)

  1. Lyon Courtyardoutdoor courtyard with pillars and roof

Have you heard the song “You Are My Sunshine”? I feel like the song was written here: one of the sunniest spots on campus! Pro-tip: a great place to study for finals with friends as well. It is warm and serene.

  1. The Hive (under the stairs)

Did someone say a change of space inspires creativity? This place is perfect for allowing your imagination to take you everywhere. It is cozy, yet cute!

  1. Chicano Latino Student Affairs (CLSA) lunge balcony

Mountains? Check. Wind? Check. Birds chirping? Check. Coffee? Check. Printer? Check.

outdoor tables with sunshade

  1. Frank outdoor seating

Always abuzz with chatter, laughter and music, this spot outside of Frank Dining Hall is one of the most lively spots on campus.

  1. Lebus Courtview through outdoor corridor of building

A Bridgerton ball could be hosted here. Seriously. This place is perfect for taking pictures or reading Keats.

  1. Romance languages study room/library in Mason

It feels like you have time-travelled and walked into a Victorian era when you enter this stuffy spot in Mason Hall. It is quiet and aesthetic—what more do you need?

view of sunset sky and palm trees

  1. Gibson courtyard

This is what I imagined my California life to be like. There is never a dull moment in this courtyard – from Spikeball to yoga sessions. Its true charm comes alive during spring (March-April). I will let that be a surprise.students eating with string of lights above table

  1. Frary (after hours)

Frary Dining Hall after hours is basically paradise. Why? Who doesn’t like Pomona College logo waffles and coffee while studying?