An Ode to Teo’s Omelets

By Porter Reyes ‘24

chef making an omeletteThis year, one of Pomona’s two dining halls–Frank Dining Hall–changed its schedule, which much of the student body is excited about. Sundays through Thursdays, Frank now offers brunch from 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM! This is GREAT news for late risers (like yours truly) and people like me who really enjoy Frank’s brunch menu. Undoubtedly, my favorite menu item is the omelet. Unlike other eggs at Frank, which are usually pre-made, omelets are made to order, and you get to watch it being cooked right in front of you! Let me explain…

buffet bar with meatsIf you wake up one sunny day at Pomona and decide you are in the mood for an omelet, it’s as easy as walking to Frank, tapping your ID when you enter, and walking to the outside seating area in the back. When you get there, you will most likely see a relatively short line for omelets. When you get to the front of the line, you begin picking your omelet’s toppings. There’s a variety of options, including bacon, ham, turkey, jalapenos, red and green peppers, mushrooms, onions, spinach, tomatoes, and scallions! Personally, I get bacon and every vegetable available.

Once my toppings are nearly falling off my plate, I step up to get my omelet cooked. Usually, I am greeted by one of the friendliest people on campus, who’s essentially a legend at Pomona: Teo! Teo has a personal relationship with many, if not most, students. When students step up to the front and hand Teo their toppings, I notice they often have a smile across their faces, not just because Teo is about to cook them up a delicious omelet but also because they are about to talk with Teo!

Teo behind a grillYou never know what you’re going to discuss with Teo. Sometimes he’ll tell you one of his wild stories about a former student. Other times, you’ll talk with him about how things are going at Pomona lately, or just life in general. Regardless of what my conversation with Teo is about, I’m always happy to chat and find myself thankful for him every time I go to Frank for brunch. His work is critical to the wellbeing and happiness of our student body. Not only this, but he goes above and beyond his job: his emotional support and friendship means the world to myself and many others. He makes my afternoons that much brighter!