How Pomona Shot to the Top of My List

drone shot of campus
By Libby Rose ‘19 Let’s start from the beginning. During my college application process, I knew I wanted a small liberal arts college in southern California. The Claremont Colleges were an obvious option. Everything I had researched about Pomona during my junior year of high school seemed fantastic. But it was during the summer before my senior year that Pomona really began ...
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The “Abroad” in Study Abroad

By Libby Rose ‘19 (second of two posts by Libby Rose about studying abroad) During my study abroad program at University College London (UCL), I had four weeks off after classes ended to travel, and I learned so much about myself through that experience. I went on a European tour with two of my friends who were studying abroad at Cambridge. In just two weeks, we went to B...
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The “Study” in Study Abroad

By Libby Rose '19 I have just arrived back in the States after my six-month-long study abroad program in London, studying neuroscience at University College London (UCL). What an experience! The academics were so different from those at Pomona. In London, I took really cool classes for my neuroscience major such as Developmental Neurobiology and Cellular Neurophysiology. The...
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