Wildly Unprepared in Vancouver

Siena in Stanley Park
By Siena Swift ‘22 The first independent trip I went on was spring break of my first year in college. It was the first time I had organized an entire trip, bought plane tickets and rented an AirBnB. I traveled from Ontario Airport (about a 15-minute drive from campus) to Seattle, where my friend picked me up. I stayed with her at her grandparents’ house in Gig Harbor, an hou...
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13 Places At Pomona That Still Take My Breath Away

  Wig Beach Palm Tree A palm tree? asks the Southern Californian, raising one bleached-blond eyebrow with an unimpressed sigh. YES. A PALM TREE. They may be the west coast equivalent of a pigeon but to a Chicagoan such as myself they are a signifier of leisure and tropical beauty. Plus, they don’t take craps on you, which pigeons are wont to do now and then.  This...
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