Super Study Spots

Emma and a friend on a rooftop with San Gabriel mountains backdrop
By Emma Grace Howlett ‘25 During my first semester at Pomona, I found myself swept away by a shower of fun social events and extracurricular opportunities. However, I found it hard to balance a heavy school workload with such a wealth of social resources. It took a few months to find an equilibrium, and, most importantly, good study spots. Thanks to the natural beauty and Ed...
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Zooming Out: Life at the Claremont Colleges

Going through the college admissions process, we get a lot of advertising and a fairly limited perspective. I know that’s a bit ironic to hear, coming from a Pomona student blog, but really! Receiving mail from Pomona, I remember seeing a lot about great academics, great faculty, nice weather, etc. Don’t get me wrong, these things are true, but the other four Claremont Coll...
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