Food, Glorious Food

College can be rough. Sometimes balancing academics, internships, clubs, applications, jobs, athletics, and that sliver of a social life is terribly and inconveniently overwhelming. Those activities that once constituted as pleasure become obligations, and stressful ones at that. It is difficult, when in this state of seemingly perpetual stress, to smell the roses. So what can ...
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Pomona: My Home Away From Home

The promising dawn seen from outside my dorm.
Slowly, the dark sky is gently rinsed by hints of blue. Dark blue, light blue, lighter… and gold wash. So emerge the silhouettes of pink coloured clouds, rejoicing at the dawn of a new day. One of my very first blog entries after I started college was on the topic of nostalgia. It was an overwhelming emotion that accompanied the first-year curiosity in everything around me i...
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A Day at the Claremont Street Fair.

I don't know what it is about street fairs that makes me so happy and excited.  It could be the crowds of people and the really cute puppies, or the aroma of food and fresh air, or the beautiful handmade jewelry and amazing smelling body lotions.  I'm sure it is a combination of those and other things, but when I heard there was a street fair today I couldn't contain myself. ...
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