Enjoying Alone Time

3 students in dorm room
By Hayeon (Kayla) Lee ‘23 During the first few weeks of my freshman year of Pomona, there were four questions that I was consistently asked when I met a new person: What is your name? Where are you from? What’s your dorm? Who’s your roommate? I could answer all of these questions quite quickly. My name is Hayeon Kayla Lee. I’m from Los Angeles but spent my h...
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Living in a Co-Ed Dorm

During the hectic university application process last autumn, I forgot to check whether my dream school would have a co-ed housing system. Right before I started at Pomona, I learned that boys and girls there would be sharing bathrooms, showers, the corridor space, laughter, and midnight snacks. What would that mean? Immediately, I pictured embarrassing scenes where a teenag...
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