The Wild National Parks Near Pomona

Emma Grace in a canyon
By Emma Grace Howlett ‘25 While life at Pomona College can be invigorating, I still look forward to breaks for a chance to explore off campus and recuperate from excessive studying. I spent both fall and spring breaks this year exploring the two national parks within reasonable driving distance of Pomona: Joshua Tree and Death Valley National Park. Coming from such a lush...
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10 Things To Do When Visiting Pomona

By Sam Kelly ’17 and Feather Flores ’17 We like to think students choose to come to Pomona for the top-tier liberal arts education. It also doesn’t hurt that we are in Southern California, just 35 miles from Los Angeles and near the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains. Pomona students have access to a wide variety of recreational activities. From outdoor exploits to u...
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Sequoia: Screams and Singalongs, Smoke and Snow

My timeline is all off. Today is Friday. Wait, really? Is it actually Friday? My calendar says it is, but aren’t days and months and years all just social constructions? … I should stop. Today is Friday. I only had class two days this week, and was very confused when those days turned out to be Wednesday and Thursday. This is all because of a very glorious thing known as Fall B...
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