Students reveal SHOCKING Pomona Secrets–Gabrielle Starr HATES Them! Learn the UNBELIEVABLE truth NOW

Big dogs Fonzie and Raya
By Elias van Emmerick '21 Pomona’s administration has an agenda. They want you to think that the ground you tread on is safe. They want you to believe those ants that nibble at your feet at night are “easily eradicated.” They will never admit to the existence of the INCONCEIVABLY big dog that roams campus. Administrators will tell you that “there is no such thing as the bunk...
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Humor in Hollywood

I’m from LA, I’ve been in the Pomona College orchestra since freshman year, and playing the viola for far longer, but until Thursday I had never been to see the LA Philharmonic.  So, when my mom wound up with a voucher for two free tickets to any LA Phil Tuesday or Thursday night concert at the Hollywood Bowl (their summer home) I invited a friend to come with me the first week...
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