Campus Jobs: From Farming to DJing

view of DJ from the back, with turntablessurrounded by
By Sonam Rikha ‘24 With the increase in college fees and the many spending temptations in Claremont, getting a job on campus becomes a necessity for many college students. Luckily for Pomona students, there are an array of jobs on campus that encompass a variety of interests. Whether it be helping a professor conduct research, working at the Pomona farm, or managing the ...
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A Week of Weird Nights

For one of the first times this semester, I’m having writer’s block. Let’s once again chronicle my nightly adventures. Maybe something interesting will come of it. I returned from Thanksgiving break on Sunday night, and sat and talked with a few friends. I found it odd that when I asked others about their breaks, they said things like, “it was alright,” or, “yeah, good,” in ...
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