Decoding the Claremont Consortium

Pomona College gates
By Chloe Mandel ’23 When I first began researching the Claremont Colleges, the word “consortium” didn’t really register. I spent way too much time stalking’s description of each individual college (while keeping an eye out for one of the most important factors in my college search process, the letter grade used to denote the quality of every school’s food) without ...
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Resources at Pomona

Pomona always has so many great resources to offer
A new land. A new territory. A new adventure…  Everything will be new, or so it seems. I can imagine, if you are a newly admitted student, how complicated your feelings must be. You are excited, you are overwhelmed, and you are nervous as you prepare to bid farewell to your high school career and move on to college. If you are an international student, you might feel even mo...
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Across the 5Cs

Last week I wrote a not-so-happy blog post. This week is going to be much, much different. Because after I wrote out all those feelings last week, I felt better. Just getting it out on paper (err, pixels) made me feel lighter. I wrote that last Friday morning, then went and participated in an experiment run by CGU (Claremont Graduate University). I made $18 for about 50 minutes...
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