Voting in Two Presidential Elections During the Pandemic

Sonam holding her Green Book
By Sonam Rikha ‘24 In the months leading up to the US presidential race, my Instagram was flooded with messages telling me to register to vote. Whether it was Cardi B, the kids from Stranger Things, or my fellow classmates, all seemed to want one thing: for me to exercise my civic right and vote. Luckily for me, I was already registered and, by the time October came, ...
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Election2012: Politics at Pomona

I know that you've already read a lot about the election from the bloggers here. But hey, Pomona is a placed filled with numerous politically aware people, so I'm going to share my perspective too. It’s Friday. No one’s wearing shirts that make political statements, in fact, everyone’s bundled up against California’s version of “cold.” The New York Times website no longer bu...
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