A Break, A Rediscovery

By Sonam Rikha ‘24 Throughout the entire first semester, all I had on my mind was the days I had left ‘til winter break. Whenever I wasn’t doing homework or studying for an exam, I would fantasize about all the fun things I would do during break. I told myself that I would write a screenplay, finish writing a fantasy book I had started in the summer, apply to a bunch of i...
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Metrolink to Amtrak: Time on the Train

two friends on the train
By Becky Zhang ‘22 My first semester at Pomona was unforgettably fun and eye-opening. While my friends and I made ample use of the seven dining halls, five campuses, sunshine, cafés, and thrift stores in Claremont, we occasionally took the Metrolink train into L.A. in search of places and activities to explore outside the 5C bubble. We really made use of the city, a short an...
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Finals, Finals, Finals!

Wow, I can't believe I'm writing my final blog post of the semester.  I'm really having trouble fathoming that I am 1/2 of the way through my sophomore year already.  How did this happen!?  It honestly feels like a month ago that I came here for orientation committee.  I still remember completely my first day of classes, my first trip to the village, and my first meal of the ye...
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