Not a Fan of the Heat

For those of us in Claremont right now, we cannot wait for the weather to start to cool down.  It has been in the high 90’s or even triple digits all week, and for the lucky ones who live on the third floor with no air conditioning (read: me), the heat can be beyond frustrating, let alone debilitating.  To most of my friends, I am known as the klutz.  Always tripping over my own feet, running into walls that I’ve walked by millions of times in my life.  I am even known to my family as the one who walked right through a screen door with a plate of food.  Needless to say, for me, adding delirium from the heat is a recipe for disaster.

Last night, while in a state of confusion and exhaustion from spending 5 hours straight practicing organic chemistry problems, I decided to take a break and visit with my suite-mate.  Trying to relieve myself of the blazing heat in our third floor suite,  I began to run my hand across my friend’s running fan.  The cool air was so refreshing.  Suddenly a loud noise interrupted our conversation followed by a throbbing pain in my finger.  Yea that’s right. That sound was of my finger stopping the running fan. I know that I just turned 19  but last night I felt like I had just turned four. What 19 year old person sticks their finger in a running fan!?  It’s like rule number 1 in the parents manual: don’t let children get near objects that can potentially decapitate them, or at least cause them to lose a digit or two.

Such a trivial moment of klutziness led me to think about how even though I just turned 19 and can officially claim I am an adult, maybe my subconscious wanted me to cling to my childhood just a little bit longer instead of rushing to finish that last set of organic chemistry problems, or to get my blog submission in on time.  I guess it’s moments like these that remind me to be a kid every once in a while.

In case you were worried about the fan, it still works.