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Note: While we have regular contributors, Voices is an open forum for all Pomona College students. Any student may apply to become a blogger. See here for guidelines and application deadlines.

Bilal Adamjee

Bilal Adamjee ’24

Hello, my name is Bilal Adamjee. I am from Mombasa, Kenya and am majoring in Economics with a prospective minor in Politics. I am interested in scaling start-ups, the financial world, and collaborating with others to help improve the lives of underserved people, existing systems, ideas, and frameworks. On campus, I am part of Pomona Ventures, I’m a junior analyst at Sagehen Capital Management, and I play for Claremont Men’s Rugby. When I’m not on campus, I’m out exploring California and enjoying the city, the beach, and the mountains!

David Ahia '18

David Ahia ’18

Coming straight to you from the Claremont area, it’s David Kuhio Ahia II, Art History major, transfer student, and your favorite blogger. Get ready to talk museums, movies, classes, Claremont-living and everything you need to know (but were too afraid to ask) about the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. And if you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like to go from a giant private research university to a cozy liberal arts college, you’ve come to the right blog.

Ebere Amadi-Azuoga '22

Ebere Amadi ’22

Born in Lagos, Nigeria and raised in Perris, California, I’m an aspiring public servant and prospective double major in Politics and Economics. After high school in a military academy, I came to Pomona with the intention of acquiring tools to uplift marginalized communities within the United States. I have been a mentor at Pomona High School through Young Men’s Circle and am an active member of the Claremont Community Action Network. I enjoy playing volleyball on the Claremont Colleges club team and am currently developing a podcast that incorporates immersive fictional narratives through high production sound design.

Natasha Anis '19

Natasha Anis ’19

Hey—I’m Natasha from Providence, Rhode Island! As the quintessential liberal arts student, my major is undecided, but I’m really interested in international relations and English. I have an avid love for coffee that has only intensified in college, and I will make the trek out to L.A. to explore new coffee options. I get excited about reimagining the criminal justice system, sustainable food, creative writing that explores unique cultural identities, dressing to express myself, and most of all, talking to other Pomona students about doing what they love! At Pomona, I’ve been involved with The Student Life, The Weekly Writing Workshop, Pomona Student Union, and 5C Prison Abolition Club.

Myles Ashitey

Myles Ashitey ’22

I’m Myles. As of now, I plan on majoring in mathematics with a minor in economics. I’m from Vineland, New Jersey, but I attended an all-boys Episcopal school in Southeastern Pennsylvania for six years. I’ve been at Pomona for a few months now, enough so I can say that I’m a big fan of California. You can find me chilling in Harwood Lounge, studying by Skyspace, or grinding away in Millikan.

Sophia Augustine

Sophia Augustine ’23

My name is Sophia, and I am from a small town in New Jersey called Mendham. As a true liberal arts student, my major was very undecided as of recently (bouncing anywhere from Computer Science to Media Studies to Linguistics) but ultimately I decided on Cognitive Science with a concentration in Computer Science. I am very passionate about both the creative arts and technology so you can catch me hunched over a particularly difficult problem set in my CompSci lab or helping the 5×5 Film Club as an assistant producer/director! I love everything about Pomona, but the T & Joy boba as well as the Harvey Mudd mac ‘n cheese will always hold a special place in my heart. Excited to talk about everything Pomona/Claremont related with you!

headshot of Ben Baraga

Ben Baraga ’24

My name’s Ben, and I’ve lived in Pasadena, California my whole life. I’m undecided in my major, but I hope to pursue either Environmental Analysis or History as I get further into my studies. Aside from giving tours and blogging, you can find me drawing little pictures for our ASPC (student government) class of 2024 Instagram account, or helping out the environmental club Sunrise Claremont Colleges. I’m also into theatre (the musical kind), theaters (the movie kind), and badminton. On campus, you’ll probably find me riding my bike, playing MarioKart, or talking someone’s ear off about the history of Smokey Bear.

Marc Beaulac

Marc Beaulac ’26

Howdy! I’m Marc, and I was born and raised in Calgary, Canada. Although I am undecided as of right now, I am open to new opportunities especially in economics and math. Even though I remain confused about when to use Fahrenheit or Celsius, I feel like a SoCal local now. You can find me either chilling in Mudd-Blaisdell courtyard, showing off my dancing skills (or lack thereof) at a 5C party, playing soccer with the lads or, on occasion, grinding through my math problem set in the library.

Sarah Binau ’19

Sarah is a Cognitive Science major from Columbus, Ohio. She lived in Santiago, Chile, for 5 months in 2017. Outside of the classroom, Sarah enjoys doing Improv Comedy with the Underground Theatrical Institute (a 5C club), working out with her friends, eating fortune cookies, and going to the beach.

Oluyemisi Bolonduro ’23

My name’s Oluyemisi Bolonduro (she/they), and I’m from Shoreline, Washington. I’m majoring in Africana Studies and minoring in English. Most days, I’m working on a creative project (academic or personal) or sprinting and hurdling on this section of campus that has eight blue cirecles with a round slab of grass in teh middle (hint: I run track). You can also usually find me sipping chamomile tea in Frary Dining Hall, gaming on Walker Beach or hermitting in the comfy corner of one of my friend’s rooms.

Jack Buyske ’18

I’m Jack, a Public Policy Analysis major from New Jersey. When I’m not in class, you can find me at the East Valley Community Health Center as their HIV Intern or working in the Office of Admissions as a Head Tour Guide (kind of different skill sets). What takes up more of my time, though, is watching Yankees baseball, exploring the great outdoors, and daydreaming about my next meal (or dessert).

Isabel CallahanIsabel Callahan ’21

Originally from Silver Spring, MD, Isabel (aka “Issie”) is a second-semester senior and transfer student at Pomona College, pursuing a combined degree in Philosophy, Politics, & Economics. After a year and half away from Claremont, Isabel is happy to be back on campus, enjoying all the sunshine, Frank dining hall berries, and wonderful people Pomona has to offer. When not reading or writing, Isabel can be found going for nature walks, falling off her skateboard (which she still has not learned to ride), or drinking milkshakes from Bert & Rocky’s, her favorite local ice cream shop.

Geraldine Castaneda ’21

Born in Mexico City, Geralidine is a QuestBridge Match, first-gen, DACA-mented Sagehen. She loves to dance salsa and play tennis (only occasionally at the same time). When not in class, she can be found out and about eating cookies, slyly picking the beautiful Pomona flowers or re-watching episodes of The Office.

Claudio Castillo in front of blank wall

Claudio Castillo ’26

Hi! I’m Claudio, a first-gen student from Orange, in Orange County, California. My top artists on Spotify: Lady Gaga, Talking Heads, The Cure, 3lh, Death Lens. Major: ???? My favorite things about Pomona College: 5C dining, everyone is a nerd, I don’t need to pick a major yet. My least favorite things about Pomona College: the squirrels. Always happy to talk about college life and Southern California!

Cogie on a beach

Cogie Celzo ’22

I’m Cogie (the OG)! When school is in session, I am an advisor for high school students in PAYS (Pomona College Academy for Youth Success) and a research assistant in a neuroscience lab that works with the neuronal mechanisms of decision-making behavior in C. elegans to name a few things. On the quirkier side, if you want to catch me around campus, I am an avid partaker in frequent volleyball games with friends on Marston Quad, a culprit of playing my ukulele & singing with my dorm windows open, a regular at Pendleton Pool, and a dad to my orchids and succulents from the Claremont Farmer’s Market!

Daphne Ellen Chapline ’22

My name is Daphne, and I am a member of the class of 2022 from Oklahoma City! I have not yet decided on a major, but I am leaning toward math. I can often be found inhaling coffee ice cream at Bert & Rocky’s, studying in one of the many sunny, outdoor spaces on campus, or trolling for dogs to pet on Marston Quad (I’m holding my “puppy” Petey in this photo). In my free time, I love taking yoga classes at Claremont Yoga and going to interesting talks held at the 5Cs.

Arianna Chen ’19

Hello! I’m Arianna, from San Jose, CA. I’m majoring in Politics and minoring in Computer Science. I’m also on the Pomona-Pitzer women’s tennis team (go Sagehens!), which means that I’m pretty much perpetually in #activewear and questionably sweaty, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Around campus, you can probably catch me trying not to fall asleep in class, power walking to practice, or eating copious amounts of food at the dining halls.

Jacinta Chen ’21

Hi! I’m Jacinta, from Hong Kong. As a typical Pomona student, I’m undecided–in my case, between pursuing a major in Politics or History. In addition to being a member of the Pomona-Pitzer Women’s Tennis Team, I’ve been involved with the Pomona College Academy for Youth Success College Advising Program and The Student Life, the Claremont Colleges’ student newspaper. While studying history and governments are among my many passions, I also love conducting chemistry experiments, taking photos, diving through French literature, and fighting for children’s rights. When I’m not in the classroom or on the court, I’m probably out enjoying the warm Southern California sun, capturing Claremont sunsets with my camera, exploring the Village, or seeking out the best meal from one of the seven 5C dining halls with friends.

Alison Choi '19

Alison Choi ’19

Hey everyone! I’m Alison, and I hail from the beautiful city of Hong Kong, and I’m super pumped to live the SoCal life. I am currently undecided on my major (eeeeek) but nonetheless, I am interested in History, FGSS (feminist, gender and sexuality studies), Spanish and Environmental Analysis. On campus, you can find me practicing with the 5C Field Hockey team, trying out the food at all the 5C Dining Halls, attempting to play a semi-pleasant sound on the alto saxophone in Thatcher or chilling with my awesome sponsor group!

Madeleine Colvin '16

Madeleine Colvin ’16

I’m Madeleine, an International Relations major from the Seattle area. When I’m not in classes, I lead a creative writing program for elementary school students, work at the Office of Study Abroad, lead On The Loose outdoor trips, raise succulents, and linger at breakfast for many hours. While I’ll be blogging about my senior year experience, check out my past blog posts for information about being a sponsor, studying abroad, art installations, doing fieldwork in China, and more!

Darien Corrales Barrantes

Daniel Corrales Barrantes ’22

Hi! Originally from Costa Rica, I have lived in North Carolina for most of my life. As an art and economics major (or some variation of the sort), I plan on pursuing a career in design. Current interests include architecture, visual design and photography. On campus, I work for the Office of Financial Aid as a Media and Outreach Coordinator, so you will see me at events, answering questions or connecting students with their financial aid officers. As a FLI (first-generation, low-income) student, I experienced a bit of adjustment, but part of what makes Pomona great is the varying experiences of those around us. I’m excited to share a bit of my journey on campus!

Dakota Crookston head shot

Dakota Crookston ’21

Hey! I’m Dakota. I was born in Las Vegas but grew up in Kansas before eventually finding my way to Pomona. Here, you can find me in the basement of Thatcher playing piano, in the stacks of Honnold-Mudd working, or around campus jogging and listening to my favorite podcasts. My favorite hobbies I’ve picked up since coming here are knitting, baking bread, ballroom dancing, and lifting. I’m a prospective Computer Science major and Russian minor, interested in science and technology public policy. Fun facts: I’m the 9th of 10 kids in my family and my paternal grandparents’ 100th grandchild.

Cynthia Cuellar ’21

I’m Cynthia, a (potential) Chemistry/Molecular Biology/Public Policy Analysis major (I know I’m all over the place). I was born in Guatemala but was raised in Los Angeles for most of my life. My passions include coming up with cheesy pickup lines, munching on grapes, and drawing doodles on the edges of my notebooks. You can find me walking backwards as a tour guide, stage managing for The Green Room, and crafting random things at the Hive. I love bringing smiles to people’s faces, so if you ever see me around campus, you can bet I’ll smile at you in hopes that you’ll smile back!

Danny DeBare

Danny DeBare ’22

Coming off of a gap year in Ecuador, Danny is a head baker with Claremont Challah. You can find him baking in the back of Frary dining hall and contaminating the bread by excessively tasting the dough. He is involved in a myriad of progressive political groups, from the local College Community Action Network (CCAN) to J Street U, and helped flip the nearest Orange County district blue in November 2018 (#teamGil). When not changing his major each week, Danny loves to gorge on the incredible vegetarian options here on campus.

Jazzmin Duncan with green field in background

Jazzmin Duncan ’26

Hi! My name is Jazzmin, but my friends call me Jazz. I’m from a small town called Texas City; imagine Houston or Galveston but a million times smaller and in the middle of nowhere. I’m planning on double majoring in Media Studies (with an emphasis on Critical Studies) and Economics. I also run track for the Pomona-Pitzer Women’s Track team (it still hasn’t registered in my mind that I’m a whole college athlete ;-; ).  Right now (because I know it’ll be different next week) my obsessions are astrocartography, pretentiously artsy movies, and the smell of Downy Unstoppables. On campus you can find me holed away in my dorm or pacing stressfully in the Coop Fountain.

photo of Mo Dyson

Mo Dyson ’19

Home brewer. Undergraduate student: Public Policy & Politics. Spouse. Parent. Marine Corps Veteran. Transman. LGBTQIA Advocate. Part time Admissions Ambassador. Proponent of higher education. Sagehen.

headshot of Youssef El Mosalami

Youssef El Mosalami ’24

Hello! I’m Youssef El Mosalami. I was born in Cairo, Egypt and moved to Brooklyn, NY at 7 years old. Since I’m a rising sophomore, I’m still undecided about my major but am hoping to double major in Gender and Women’s Studies and Middle Eastern Studies on the pre-med track. But, to be honest, there are still so many psychology, theatre and history classes that I hope to take! During a year of online learning, I’ve loved being a part of our department musical theatre shows and student-run theatre groups as well as joining Claremont Emergency Medical Society and Project Sunshine to (remotely) play with pediatric patients at hospitals. On campus, I’ll definitely be singing in our Pomona College Choir, rehearsing for a show or stressing about physics, but always feel free to stop me if you see me on campus as I absolutely love hearing others’ stories <3!

Feather Flores '17

Feather Flores ’17

Hello—I’m Feather! I’m an English/Politics double major from Monrovia, California (a cozy and somewhat obscure little suburb of Los Angeles). I’m currently studying abroad at the University of Cambridge, where I spend most of my time falling in love with cathedrals, getting lost in the tangled mess of winding streets, and appreciating the vast expanses of green (although I do miss the squirrels on Marston Quad). Things that make me happy (Europe edition): good Spotify playlists on long train rides, constellations on clear nights, and stray cats that solicit tummy rubs.

Jeff Friedman ’19

I’m Jeff from St. Louis, Missouri. I’m a media studies major and theatre minor who is also completing the English Department’s creative writing emphasis. My favorite movie, Good Will Hunting, played an embarrassingly large role in my decision to major in the media studies film/video production track. I’m a Dear-Evan-Hansen-obsessed improv nerd who loves acting in student and Theatre Department shows at Pomona. I like to play IM (intramural) basketball, but it likes to play me, too. I’m also a Theatre Department Liaison. Some of my role models are Zach Woods, Rashida Jones, and Saul Bellow.

Daniel Garcia

Daniel Garcia ’21

My name is Daniel Garcia, and I initially came in as a Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) major but fell in love with Biology while trying to take classes for my area requirements. I’m from Gulfport, MS but grew up across the New Orleans area. I plan on going into human resources consulting after Pomona, helping firms address issues of diversity and inclusion in their workforce. Coming to Pomona was a huge shock for me, simply because I’ve never been in an environment like it before. The divide in knowledge between my classmates and I, the demographic differences, and the distance between me and my family were all big hurdles my first year, but by using resources like the mentoring programs and the Queer Resource Center, and relying on the First-Generation/Low-Income community here, I’ve been able to adapt to Pomona and take advantage of the opportunities it has to offer.

Alicia Garza

Alicia Garza ’22

An Art major and Media Studies minor, Alicia hails from Deep South Texas and is more than happy to soak in the Cali weather. When she is not studying, she is creating art, practicing photography, editing, managing her online art presence, and finding various outlets to practice creativity. Besides art, she loves watching movies and TV shows, drinking and making tea/coffee, attempting to figure her life out, and making frequent trips into the Village. This year, Alicia is active on campus through working at Studio 47 and the Theatre Scene Shop, as well as serving as a FLI Mentor and President of the 5C club Claremont Splash. She likes to say she has the “Artist’s Eye” so feel free to ask her what she sees around campus!

Eric Gofen ’19

I’m Eric, a Math and Politics double major from Chicago. When I’m not in class, you can find me running on the track, tutoring math, doing improv with friends, or leading tours. Sometimes I also lead kids (fellow college students) on outdoors trips and plan math events as a Liaison. There’s nothing I love more than smiling and making others smile (other than maybe Frary dining hall).

Deanna Han in courtyard between buildings

Deanna Han ’23

I’m Deanna, and I’m from the Seattle area. I am currently a potential PPA (Public Policy Analysis)/Economics major, but I expect that to change at least a couple more times before I reach the end of my sophomore year. While at Pomona, I’m involved with Upward Bound and I take piano lessons. On campus, you can usually find me hanging out around the SCC (Smith Campus Center), spending time in my friends’ room, or convincing my friends to walk the mile up to (Harvey) Mudd for dinner. In my free time, I’m usually rewatching the same 4 shows, coming up with theories about the next Marvel movie, and baking desserts!

Vids Hingad

Vids Hingad ’25

I’m Vids, from Mumbai. After experiencing online school, I realized how much I missed an in-person education and opportunities. Whether it be assistant directing a play and watching my cast remind the world of the raw beauty of theatre, or joining Pomona College Mock Trial and being part of a community that supports personal growth, I am grateful to be reminded of what it means to engage in a family of ambitious and welcoming people.

Calder in poppy field

Calder Hollond ’21

I’m Calder, a Gender & Women’s Studies major from rural Kansas. In addition to my major, I’m also on the Pre-Med track, and I hope to go into reproductive health. When I’m not reading gender theory or running experiments in the chemistry labs, you can find me going for runs, reading on the quad, or exploring the area around Claremont.

Emma Grace HowlettEmma Grace Howlett ’25

Hi, my name is Emma Grace, and I am grateful for the SoCal sunshine, as I call rainy Seattle home. I’m thinking of double-majoring in History and Art. I love going on morning runs, practicing piano, and telling overly dramatic stories to my friends at dinner. In my free time you can catch me playing for the 5C women’s club soccer team, hiking in the San Gabriel Mountains with On The Loose, and singing in the Pomona College Choir and Glee Club.

Kevin Hua drinking boba and holding up peace sign

Kevin Hua ’23

Hi all! I’m Kevin from Fuzhou, China. Besides singing, cooking, and comparing bubble tea shops, I am also super into math and philosophy. You can often see me in either Millikan (now named Seaver East), Pearsons, or one of their Zoom rooms. Recently, I’ve been working on a project called “Taking Philosophy to the Public: An Invitation to Explore the Grounds of Moral Status.” By making introductory educational philosophy videos, I aim to inspire more people to enjoy philosophy. Check out my post about the project and get ready for an exciting mind adventure!

photo of Eisen IpacEisen Ipac ’19

Hey, it’s Eisen, and I’m majoring in Mathematics. I grew up in Central Valley, CA and attended a high school where right across grew acres and acres of grapevines and almond trees. I am passionate about food and naps, as well as having nice (or not so nice) discussions and debates with friends and just people in general. I like to go to the gym and look for my abs, I would rather be more overdressed up for an occasion than underdressed, and I enjoy making bets I know I’ll win. Around campus, you can catch me running away from Japanese beetles that can’t help but run into you because they are blind, find me in awkward, random encounters with genuinely cool people but not close enough to call friends, and see me eating alone at a dining hall because, yes I need my alone time and no, I don’t care what you think.

Shayn Jackson

Shayn Jackson ’19

What’s the word? I’m Shayn, a Pomona student from the Lou (a.k.a Saint Louis, Missouri). I put on my resume that I’m a computer science major, but my midterms could care less. I enjoy slang, chiefing (relaxing) with friends, and throwing stones at the windows of the system of institutionalized oppression (look this up yourself), but usually you can find me taking photos, writing somewhat aloof poems, and running around the 5Cs as apart of PPTF (track and field). And to answer your question: Yes, I intend to have fun on this blog, and no, I do not care.

Bryce Kelly in front of a lake

Bryce Kelly ’23

I’m Bryce Kelly, a history-loving lacrosse player from Seattle, Washington. My planned major is International Relations, and I’m Secretary General of Pomona College Model United Nations and President of Claremont Men’s Lacrosse, a club team. I once told the story of World War One to my friends for three hours straight, taught three of my teammates to juggle, and won a debate in a Model UN conference via a duel using foam swords.

Paul Kiefer

Paul Kiefer ’20

A Seattle native, amateur barber and aspiring journalist, I serve as the president of the Muslim Students Association of the Claremont Colleges and am on the board of the Pomona Student Union. My dream job? Producer for National Public Radio.

Emily Kim with plants in background

Emily Kim ’25

Greetings! My name is Emily, and I’m an intended cognitive science and English double major from Orange County, California. I came to Pomona after an unexpected gap year whisked me away to South Korea. Upon returning to school, I absolutely fell in love with the community that I found here. On campus, I am a food columnist for The Student Life (ask me about my favorite way to eat eggs!), a designer for hearhere (a journal of Christian thought), as well as an active member of the First, Love Christian community at The Claremont Colleges. You can find (or hear) me practicing guitar in the Thatcher courtyard in the wee hours of the night, crafting the perfect yogurt bowl at Frary, or studying away in my favorite study space on campus: Lincoln Hall (my friends call me the “ghost of Lincoln Hall”).

Young Seo Kim head shot

Young Seo Kim ’26

I’m Young Seo (aka Joven), from Guatemala. I will probably be majoring in International Relations, but who knows? On campus, I’m involved in The Student Life newspaper, Undercurrents (a publication of the 5C Leftist Coalition), and the Claremont Journal of International Relations. Outside of academics, I play the guitar inside my dorm, go on walks around the 5Cs with my friends, and rate the different matcha lattes around the 5C coffee shops.

JoLo LabioJoaquin Lorenzo Labio ’20I’m Jolo, from Manila, Philippines. After a year and a half of indecision, I’ve decided to major in history. I am an international student mentor, a tenor for One Night Stanza (an a cappella group), an opinions columnist for The Student Life (TSL) newspaper, and an intern for API Equality LA (a nonprofit advocating for Asian/Pacific Islander LBGTQ+ justice). Catch me spending embarrassing amounts of Flex on potato chips, wearing striped sweaters, and posting on Facebook groups about my lost ID.

Toran Langford ’21

What’s up! I’m Toran. I plan on majoring in Economics with a minor in Philosophy. I grew up in New Orleans, LA and attended a historic, Catholic high school where I played sports and did Speech & Debate. I love people and am (almost) always happy. Two of my most passionate interests are (1) having discussions with people and (2) Japan, or, more generally, cultures outside of America. You can catch me around campus running like Naruto, frantically going to an event, or causally hanging with friends. P.S. I really love Tupac Shakur and Michael Jackson, and many other models, as they’ve shaped the way I develop my own personal thoughts and opinions.

Hayeon outside with blue sky behindHayeon Kayla Lee ’23

Hi! I’m Hayeon Lee, a senior, Jack Kent Cooke Scholar and a FLI Scholar (first-generation, low-income), majoring in English and Politics. If you ever run into me on campus, you will probably see me writing, drinking a massive iced coffee, talking someone’s ear off about anime and gaming, banging my head over my CS homework, or all of the above at the same time! Please say hi if you ever recognize me 🙂

headshot of Seohyeon Lee Seohyeon Lee ’24

I came in to Pomona completely undecided, and I still have a dozen majors I’m excited about. I digest my experiences to find form for my voice.


Arie Lewis-PughArie Lewis-Pugh ’26

Hi! I’m Arie from Chicago, IL. I love reading, playing my Nintendo switch, and occasionally going on hikes and bike rides. There’s so much I’m excited to do at Pomona like play pickleball, decide which dining hall has the best tacos, and make connections I’ll cherish forever. Currently, I am most interested in majoring in English or history. I love the art of storytelling and how it connects all of us through time and space—which is part of why I’m so excited to write for Voices!

Serena LinSerena Lin ’25

Salutations! I’m Serena from Glendora, California. I plan to major in neuroscience but am also fascinated by economics and creative writing. On campus, you can find me drafting poems in Estella, crafting in the Hive, or practicing my clarinet.

Rohan LopezRohan Lopez ’22

Hey, I’m Rohan. I’m from Chicago, Illinois, but my family recently moved to California (are they following me?). I intend on majoring in Physics and Mathematics, and I’ve definitely enjoyed my time at Pomona thus far, whether it’s been sitting on the Quad, skating around campus, or working in Millikan.

Selena Lopez ’22

Selena, an international relations major, is a girl who wears far too many hats on campus but loves them all too much to part with them. From being an Intern and Tour Guide in the Admissions Office to a dancer for the Claremont Colleges Ballroom Dance Company, you can find her zooming around on her scooter almost any time of day. Coming from sunny Charleston, SC, Selena has gotten very used to the rainless weather of her new SC (Southern California) home, and can’t even bear the thought of going back to her hurricane-prone SC home.

Ethen LundEthen Lund ’19

I’m Ethen, and I like jumping in puddles and throwing rocks at trees. I’ve been to over fifty donut shops throughout the country, and I used to know how to double dutch. Pomona is the most charming, challenging, weird, and wonderful place that I know, and I pay homage to it by throwing rocks in puddles and jumping in trees. Also, I study chemistry.

Chloe Mandel

Chloe Mandel ’23

I’m Chloe from Wilton, Connecticut. Currently Undecided, I’m thinking about studying International Relations. On campus, I’m a writer for The Student Life newspaper, a web assistant for Pomona’s Communications Office and a tour guide. I enjoy spending as much time in the sun as I can, eating lovely outdoor meals at the 5C dining halls, and venturing into the Claremont Village and LA (usually to find good food). During quarantine, I’ve been doing a lot of cooking and baking, taking long walks in the small town in Vermont my parents recently moved to, and reminiscing about great memories from my first year at Pomona.

Kensi MartinezKensi Martinez ’21

Kensi is a Public Policy Analysis & Economics major with a Chicana/o-Latina/o Studies minor who is interested in theatre and acting. You can find her watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine, STILL getting lost on campus, and buying chicken rice bowls at the Coop Fountain. She loves to travel and is planning to study abroad in Korea and Chile!

Stevie MathenyStevie Matheny ’22

Hello, I’m Stevie, a politics major from Akron, OH, seeking to go into law one day. Outside of school, I’m super adamant about good health and nutrition—whether it be spiritual, physical or dietary. This has led me to be active in the 5C InterVarsity chapter as a small group leader, as well as in the Claremont Boxing Club (come hang out with us on Mondays and Wednesdays at Roberts Pavilion!). I’m very passionate about helping others, so, when I’m off campus, you can either find me serving at Hillsong Church or interning at The Law Offices of Scott Glovsky. (And it is right by Pepo Melo, which is just an added bonus!) I’m a huge believer in “learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow.” I can’t wait to share what my experiences have been like and how the 5Cs helped me to get where I am.

Chris MengChris Meng ’23

Heyo! I’m Chris, from a small town in central Pennsylvania. I enjoy the occasional existential crisis, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’m undecided about what to major in and love learning a little bit about everything in classic liberal arts fashion. I lead a relatively uninteresting life, but you can catch me jamming to music in my room, playing guitar or writing when I’m not doing work. Let’s grab a meal when you’re here!

Ebenezer MensahEbenezer Mensah ’23

Born and raised in a rural town in Ghana, a small country in West Africa, I never once thought that I would have the opportunity to study in an American college—more so, that I would pay nothing for my education. Now here, I hope to spread the word about Pomona’s accessibility, especially to students from underrepresented areas. My current interests are in computer science and biology.

Abby on mountain trailAbby Munson ’25

Hello! I’m Abby, a prospective English major and Spanish minor from Bellingham, Washington. Outside of class you’ll most likely find me reading in the Crookshank English library, water coloring, going running, exploring the LA beaches, or trying my hand at intramural sports with varying degrees of success. I’m very grateful to be part of the collaborative and supportive community here at Pomona!

Emma and her dog sharing a cookieEmma N. ’26

Hi! I’m Emma, from Frankfurt, Germany. I’ve always known that I wanted to study abroad, and so far California has been absolutely fantastic … from hiking in the San Bernardino Mountains, to swimming in the Pacific Ocean, to going to concerts and comedy shows in L.A. Everything seems to be within reach of Pomona’s campus. I’m still a little undecided when it comes to picking a major but am super interested in both cognitive science and media studies.

Magali NgouabouMagali Ngouabou ’22

Hello, my name is Magali. I was born in Cameroon and raised in Silver Springs, Maryland (D[M]V). Im the youngest of five children, so I basically have six parents—that, combined with my Capricorn energy, makes me the mom of most of my friend groups. I don’t know if I went to college for the right reasons (if there are “right” reasons), but I think I’m completing college for some good ones: I’m here to strengthen the lovely relationships I’ve made, learn until my brain is bursting at the seams, and eventually help support my family. In all that, I seek little else but growth and self-actualization—but as of now, I’m still a bit of a mess and a work in progress.

Max OberMax Ober ’22

Hello, I’m Max! I was born in Washington, D.C. but grew up on a pig farm in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia. I’ve been a decided International Relations major since high school, and you can find me in Mason Hall for just about every class. I love learning languages and watching old movies, so if you know anything about Casablanca, here’s looking at you, kid. If you ever have a question about Middle Eastern politics but also sustainable farming at the same time, I’m your guy.

photo of Lucy Pan in Pomona College t-shirtLucy Pan ’24

Hiya there! I’m Lucy Pan, a Sagehen from New York City. My current interests are psychology, philosophy, and anthropology, so I plan on majoring in cognitive science and minoring in Asian American studies: I’m especially interested in studying the mind and exploring perceptions of identity and selfhood. On campus I’m involved in ASPC (Associated Students of Pomona College— our student government), and I’m going to be a mentor for AAMP (Asian American Mentor Program). I love anything with sugar, so if you ever see me around, you’ll probably find me grabbing boba or ice cream with friends!

Jenny ParkJenny Park ’22

My name is Kyung Na (Jenny) Park. I am a first-generation, low-income Korean student from LA navigating art and computer science at Pomona. In making art, I’m most inspired by Klimt, Kim Jung Gi, and Alvin Fai’s work. Check out my website if you’re interested!

head shot of Hasana Parker outside

Hasana Parker ’25

My name is Hasana, and I am from Brooklyn, NY, but I have really been all over. I lived in Saudi Arabia for 11 years and then went to high school in Smyrna, DE. I was a QuestBridge match to Pomona, and I am currently planning on majoring in computer science. Some of my favorite on-campus activities include Pomona Scholars Of Math, P-ai, Black and Brown Students in CS, Muslim Students Association, and 5C Ski. I also worked at the Outdoor Education Center during my first year. Some of my favorite things to do outside of class are listening to music with my friends on Marston Quad, going out to eat, and (a new skill I picked up last semester) snowboarding! I absolutely loved it and can’t wait to practice even more!

headshot of Leslie Paz
Leslie Paz ’24

Chirp, chirp everyone! My name is Leslie, and I am from Banning, California. I am currently undecided, but both the Classics and LAMS (Late Antique-Medieval Studies) majors have recently caught my eye. On-campus I am involved in Camp Kesem, Pomona College’s MUN team, and CLSA (Chican@ Latin@ Student Affairs). When I am not busy writing essays or doing homework, I enjoy painting, watching random Youtube videos, and bullet-journaling. A couple of fun facts about me are that I have a poodle named Ellie, and I love collecting cute plushies.

Nelia Perry

Nelia Perry ’24

My name is Nelia, and I call Santiago, Chile home. As a true liberal arts student, I can be found in the chem lounge studying drawing electron orbital diagrams, practicing my monologue for basic acting in my dorm room, or debating foreign policy over lunch in Frary. Evidently, I have yet to declare my major but am currently leaning towards Molecular Biology! Outside of blogging, I am a tour guide, a member of the Women’s Water Polo team, and a peer mentor. If I’m not doing any of those activities, you’re sure to find me off hiking in the mountains or baking scones in the oven!

Linda on the beach

Linda Phan ’24

Despite enjoying the sunny days in Claremont, Linda (she/her) misses the gray skies and rainy days of South Seattle. She prides herself on her 48-hour Spotify playlists and jibbit-filled crocs. Outside of tour guiding, she is captain of the 5C Womxn’s Ultimate Frisbee Team, staff for the 5C Ski & Snowboard club, a mentor for First-Generation Low-Income (FLI Scholars), and an intern for the Benton Museum of Art. In her free time, she can be found skateboarding around campus or throwing a frisbee on Walker Beach.

Blake Plante

Blake Plante ’19

I transferred from Riverside City College, where I accumulated four Associates Degrees in the humanities and one in fine arts. I major in English and dabble in politics and corporeal mime. I am most commonly spotted scribbling into an all-weather notebook at all events. You can find my work in obscure literary magazines, as well as at the National Endowment for the Humanities and in the Claremont Journal of Law and Public Policy.

Ben Reicher

Ben Reicher ’22

Hi all! I’m Ben from Agoura Hills, CA. I’m majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE), with a minor in Russian and Eastern European Studies. When I’m not in class, I write for the campus newspaper The Student Life (mostly in opinion), and I’m the policy team lead with Sunrise Claremont Colleges, a student group advocating for climate and environmental justice. I love to read, draw, play golf, keep up with current events, and spend time with friends and family. I’m fluent in Russian, once quoted Game of Thrones in my political philosophy class, am a huge fan of Coldplay and Andrew McMahon, and spent last summer doing a research project on the California Environmental Quality Act. Since coming to Pomona, I’ve discovered that there’s always more about this community to uncover if you know where to look, and I’m so excited to share it with you!

Porter Reyes

Porter Reyes ’25

Hey, I’m Porter! I’m from Manhattan, New York, but I’ve always wanted to go to college in California. I’m planning on majoring in politics. Last year, I wrote for the Claremont Consortium’s newspaper (The Student Life) and was on four student government (ASPC) committees (Wellness, Equity and Inclusion, Residential Life, and Environmental Quality). This semester, I’m on JBoard as a panelist and am starting a new club (Hobby Club). In my free time at Pomona, I like going to Pendleton Pool with friends, watching TV (Succession, Veep, Yellowjackets, etc.), and going on adventures in Southern California!

Giuliano Richetta headshot

Giuliano Richetta ’25

Hey there! I’m Giuliano, and I’m from Córdoba, Argentina. I’m a potential Molecular Biology major (although I want to explore other disciplines outside of that—we’ll see where college takes me). Outside of classes, I’m a Research Assistant for the Biology department, work as a barista for Café 47, and mentor for genetics and chemistry classes. I’m also involved with different organizations on campus like CLSA (Chicano/Latino Student Affairs), FLI (First-Generation Low Income) Scholars, and PAYS (Pomona Academy for Youth Success). This summer, I’ll be working as a Summer Fellow for the Admissions Office. Some of my hobbies include watching movies, reading (my favorite genre is Latin American literature, but I’m open to any recs!), scrolling mindlessly through Tik Tok, and finding spots to take naps around campus.

Sonam Rikha

Sonam Rikha ’24

Hi everyone! I’m Sonam (pronuns: her/her/hers), and I’m a Posse Scholar from the Chicagoland area. I plan on double-majoring in International Relations and  Asian Studies. I am a proud Tibetan-American and first-generation college student. On campus, I work as a student liaison for the Asian Studies program and am a student program coordinator at the 7C Asian American Advisory Board. If I’m not attending classes or working on homework, you can probably find me reading a book, binge-watching BuzzFeed videos, or ranting about how great the Avatar the Last Airbender series is.

Diana Rodriguez ’19

Hi y’all. I’m Diana, a rising senior here at Pomona. I was born in Tecalitlan, Jalisco, Mexico but have been raised in the beautiful city of Chicago since the year 2000. I am a Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE) major minoring in Chicanx Latinx Studies. You can catch me working at the Coop Fountain, blasting Latinx Music, or at Star 47 talking to alums and fundraising. I am a Co-President for Latinx Alliance, so if anyone is interested in joining the community feel free to attend our events and community meetings! My favorite color is blue (trust me, you can definitely tell as I am always wearing something blue), and I love Pikachu. I have about 7 pikachu items and my water bottle essentially reflects me.

Libby Rose ’19

Hello, I’m Libby Rose, a SoCal native and a rising senior majoring in Neuroscience and Dance. I love the intersection between the two–how our brains perceive art in the form of movement. I am a thesis student in Professor Parfitt’s lab, conducting research in Alzheimer’s disease, and I work as Head Tour Guide for the Admissions Office and as a Neuroscience Liaison for the Neuroscience Department. I lead an OA trip every year for incoming first years, and I also love to bake Challah for a 5C club Challah for Hunger. In my spare time, I absolutely love dancing and performing with my 5C hip hop crew, Groove Nation. Go Sagehens!

CC RozenChilinh (CC) Rozen ’18

Hailing from the Washington, D.C. metro area, I am your go-to blogger for posts that aren’t supposed to be about food but somehow end up being about food. When I am not giving tours, writing blog posts, or eating in one of the 7 dining halls we have access to, I like to read assignments for my friends’ classes (and sometimes my own), get excited about intersectionality, ref intramural soccer games, explore the great outdoors, and play Mario Kart.

Kyra Sanborn '17Kyra Sanborn ’17

Hello world! I’m Kyra Sanborn, also known as the pun-loving and Netflix-binging Sanbo of the swimming clan. I am majoring in Economics and minoring in Media Studies–with the occasional computer science course mixed in. This summer and fall I will be exploring new waters, hoping to find Nemo in the land down under! My Melbourne study abroad program runs from July until November, so I’ve made quite the bucket list for my several months in Australia (bonus points for traveling to New Zealand and Southeast Asia!). I’m excited for my first time outside of the U.S., but I am just as excited to report back to my beloved sagehens at home. So cheers, mates!

Camille Sanchez '19Camille Sanchez ’19

I’m Camille, from Rockford, Illinois and self-proclaimed Queen of Snacks. I tell everyone I’m majoring in Economics, but honestly, who knows? In terms of intellectual pursuits, I like creating artwork related to body image, diversity, and/or the female figure. My other interests include making people laugh through comics, joking about postmodernism, gorging on Asian food, and watching cartoons instead of practicing my Chinese. If you see me biking on campus, please get out of the way as I am terrible at steering and might accidentally run you over.

Lauren Schoen '20

Lauren Schoen ’20

I’m Lauren, a Public Policy Analysis (PPA)/Bio major from Houston, TX. If you’re like me and try to avoid the cold at all costs, Pomona just might be the right college for you. On campus, you can catch me chasing after every dog I see, coordinating blood drives for 5C Red Cross, or making a fool of myself on the squash courts. I habitually spend my days listening to podcasts and deciding between getting hot or iced coffee.

Eron Smith '16

Eron Smith ’16

Hi! I’m Eron (ear-in), and I’m a music major from Decatur, Georgia. This semester, I’m busy writing the beginnings of my music theory thesis. I’m also a pianist, and I play the oboe in the Pomona College Orchestra and Band. Outside music, I like studying foreign languages and taking the occasional philosophy course. I’m a talkative introvert (small-group-vert?), a feminist, a family gal, a cat person, and a precocious curmudgeon. When I have free time, I spend it chatting, playing board games or D&D with friends, going on walks, drinking alarming quantities of fruit juice, road-tripping across the continent, lifting weights, and/or baking. I’ll be blogging mostly about thesis struggles, music life, and my senior experience.

David Song in rain in Hong Kong

David Song ’20

Hi! I’m David, an International Relations major from Greensboro, North Carolina. I’m a member of the Pomona-Pitzer Men’s Golf Team, and, in my spare time, I usually watch The Office, play NBA 2K, or browse through Facebook Marketplace. You can usually find me at Frank Brunch in line for an omelette!

Sophia Sun ’18

Hello! I’m Sophia, and I’m a senior from the Bay Area studying Cognitive Science and Computer Science. At Pomona, I’ve had the opportunity to deepen my passion for student government and the performing arts by serving as Associated Students of Pomona College (our student government, aka ASPC) VP of Academic Affairs and Senior Class President, serving as the music director of my 5C a cappella group, performing in various chamber music and solo recitals, and dancing with the Claremont Colleges Ballroom Dance Company. I couldn’t have chosen a better place to grow intellectually, artistically, emotionally, and socially, and, through this blog, I strive to share what I’ve learned.

Siena Swift from waist up in desert landscape

Siena Swift ’22

Hi! My name is Siena Swift, and I was born and raised in Kailua, Hawaiʻi. While I miss the tropical weather, I get excited every time I see snow on Mt Baldy. I’m a Politics major who, outside of my humanities classes, enjoys attending lectures hosted by the politics department, writing for The Student Life newspaper and reading a good book. I’m a 2020 and 2021 Summer Fellow for the Admissions Office. During the school year, I’m a tour guide, which is my third job, as I also work for the Sustainability Office as an EcoRep and manage the Book Room (another sustainability initiative). I love to paint, watch the sunset from Marston Quad, and talk about missing the beach.

Marie Tano ’21

Hi everyone! I’m Marie. I am a North Atlanta-native, born to two West African immigrants. I am also a prospective Cognitive Science & Africana Studies major with a Computer Science minor. You can usually see me at the Main Services desk at the Honnold-Mudd library, Collins dining hall, or at ITS as an HPC Support Employee. I am also a FLI (First Generation, Low Income) and OBSA (Office of Black Student Affairs) mentor. I also have my own social justice blog on!

Rory Taylor ’18

I’m Rory, an International Relations major from Minneapolis, Minnesota. During the school year, I play football, am a part of Kappa Delta Fraternity and Building Leaders on Campus (BLOC) while working as a head mentor for the Indigenous Peer Mentoring Program (IPMP)! Outside of that, I’m always on the hunt for the best taco in Los Angeles, watching University of Oklahoma football (Go Sooners!), or watching the sunset over the San Gabriel Mountains.

Nick Timms ’21

Hey everyone, it’s Nick! I was born and raised in Chicago, but I only like dealing with snow for the X-mas aesthetic and decided that 2,000 miles to the west was where I was meant to end up. After unnecessarily difficult deliberation throughout my first year, I’m finally planning to major in International Relations. Outside of the classroom, you’ll find me on Strehle track as a sprinter for the Pomona-Pitzer Track & Field team, a member of QuestBridge, a 1st-year sponsor and (Office of Black Student Affairs) OBSA mentor. Although, to be honest, you’re more likely to find me gazing at those beautiful San Gabriel mountains than anything else.

Elias van Emmerick ’21

Born in Antwerp, Belgium, Elias is majoring in Politics and Economics. He had never seen a strip mall before coming to Claremont and continues to be perplexed by the sheer number of them present in the Inland Empire. When not expressing surprise at LA’s lack of urban planning, Elias can be found at Frank Dining Hall (his #1 forever), the Career Development Office’s Keurig machine, or somewhere in LA.

Jordan Wong '18

Jordan Wong ’18

Hey, friends! I’m Jordan, and I’m from San Francisco, California. (For those of you from the Bay, I’m from the city – with the Snapchat filter and everything!) I’m majoring in Linguistics and Cognitive Science (on the linguistics track), but I’m on track to double major in Politics as well. When I’m not making a nighttime run to Half & Half (this is not a sponsored message) or in the middle of a six hour drive to a mock trial tournament, you might find me on campus wasting time in the LingCogSci lounge in Edmunds, singing along to Disney songs (or at least attempting to), or holed up in my room binge-watching my current TV addiction (GoT, anyone?).

April Xiaoyi Xu '18

April Xiaoyi Xu ’18

Hello! This is April Xiaoyi Xu, and I’m planning to major in Politics/IR and minor in Spanish. On campus, you can find me hosting the Oldenborg Luncheon Colloquiums, editing articles for various publications (Claremont Port Side, Journal of Law and Pulic Policy, and the Keck Journal), furiously writing my own blog posts for off-campus publications (hopefully at least a couple of days before they are due), planning the next speakers series, newscasting for KSPC, contradancing, working for the Communications Office, and sharing some fun moments with friends (often by hunting down the best food across the 5Cs).

Cheryl Yau ’19

Hi everyone! I come from Singapore, a city-state/island in Southeast Asia with amazing food and less amazing weather (think 95% humidity). I spend more time than necessary arguing with my friends about how cold it is in Claremont, and subduedly scrolling through Instagram photos of food from home. I am an International Relations major, with a focus on the Political Economy of Development, and have done work with both the IR and Economics department (as a liaison/mentor). Outside of classes, I run around most with the international community, the #DraperTeam and the dance community. I think a lot about being in/between two places and about inequality/social mobility.

Becky Zhang

Becky Zhang ’22

Hi! My name is Becky. I grew up in (relatively-suburban) Hong Kong, although my parents are from Shanghai, and I spent my high school years at a small boarding school in Massachusetts. I’m currently thinking about studying English and Computer Science, and I love to read, write, watch movies, and play music in my free time. On campus, I’m an editor for the 5C literary magazine and an underground music DJ at the college radio station, KSPC. I’ve learned so much at Pomona, both in the classroom and out, exploring different nooks in and around the 5Cs (the Motley Coffeehouse at Scripps is a favorite) and in L.A. with friends.

Laura Zhang ’19

In her youth, Laura ran for the Pomona-Pitzer Women’s Cross Country team, fed chickens at the Organic Farm, took drum lessons from a professor with four Grammys, and attended multiple corgi beach days. She may have peaked then! Going into senior year, Laura has completed 27 of the “47 Things Every Sagehen Should Do Before They Graduate.” She plans on spending her last year at Pomona topping off the list and hanging out with friends before they all have to leave the nest together!

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