I’m sitting in my dorm room, door open to my suite’s patio, reading my first assignment of sophomore year, when I hear a peculiar noise. I thought maybe it was the rocks that trap heat making some weird crackling noise. So, I step outside, and find rain. To my surprise, drops pattern the stones.

Earlier this morning, I saw clouds in the sky, and concluded with my roommate that the day was just going to be gross and humid. I don’t think this was much of a stretch, considering the intense heat we’ve experienced since getting back to campus (seriously, it’s been 115 in the sun or something). But no, the weather is actually cool. Case in point: rain, though I came back five minutes later and the refreshing drops had stopped. Hopefully the clouds won’t burn off too soon. We may even be able to walk to and from class without sweating! Fellow classmates, I suggest we take advantage of this weather before the suffocating heat returns. Anyone up for a game of tag? Ultimate frisbee? Maybe just a walk to the village?