Zumba Ayy, Zumba Ahh!

“There are no mess-ups in zumba, only solos”

In the hectic chaos of the school week it is hard to find time for myself. Between homework, mentor sessions, labs, meals, meetings and chats with my friends, free time is a hot, and very sparse commodity.  One thing that I always love to do in my free time is exercise.  Last year, especially during first semester, I was still motivated enough to wake up extra early and work out before class.  As the year progressed, I had less and less motivation a) to work out and b) to wake up 2 hours early to accomplish said workout.  That’s why, when I discovered the free walk-in zumba classes on Tuesday nights in the gym, I was really excited.

I had never actually done zumba before, and didn’t really know what it was, but I did know that I really needed to get back to working out and I also knew that my days of going to the gym early in the morning were quickly slipping away.  The first time I went to zumba I went with a friend who was also new to it.  We were both extrememly nervous.  What if we make fools of ourselves?  What if it is too difficult?  But the moment class started, I knew zumba was something that I’d be doing for the rest of my time at Pomona.

IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! It’s hard to describe zumba, but if I had to in one sentence it would be: aerobic dancing to latin music.  It’s exactly the break that I need during a stressful evening, and it also serves as a really good work out.  The dance moves are all upbeat including: jumping, turning, hand moving and combinations of moves I couldn’t explain if I tried.  The class is taught by a CMC student who is really good about keeping the energy high and keeping us all happy and entertained.

This year I look forward to zumba even more because I’m so much busier. No matter how many things I have to get done, I never miss zumba.  It is a big stress release and honestly one of the best parts of my week. It has become a weekly tradition for some friends, and it is often the only time during the week we really get to talk to each other.  I look forward to zumba all day, and when I get back to my room with all the catchy songs stuck in my head, I just want to keep dancing.  Who said working out can’t be fun!?