It’s December!

Given that it is December 1st today, I thought I’d write a little bit about why I like the holiday season and why, specifically, December is one of my favorite months of the year.

First of all, nature knew how to welcome the new month by giving us a nice rain shower yesterday.  It wasn’t one of those annoying downpours that causes everything on campus to flood because nothing around here is built to withstand much water.  No, it was a nice calming shower all day long.  It was everything good that comes with rain without the hassle of a huge rainstorm—the smell of wet grass and trees, the fresh air, and the cool weather.

Another thing I love about winter is hot drinks.  I am a big hot chocolate and coffee drinker.  The moment the weather became cold enough, I bought myself my first mocha to celebrate the season.  I love studying in coffee shops or places with couches when it’s cold.  Today I went to Starbucks and read my sociology book while drinking my absolutely favorite holiday drink: a peppermint mocha.  Tomorrow I’m planning on going to the Motley and doing the same thing.  While I could do this when the weather is warmer, I never do because the experience is something special I save for the winter.  I will probably finish off my day at the SCC living room, because who doesn’t live sitting by a fireplace when the weather is chilly?

I also really like the holiday atmosphere that surrounds everything during this time a year.  From the Christmas carols they played at Starbucks to the lights lining the streets of Claremont, everything seems so cheery– a nice contrast to the building stress that surrounds all of us as we, much too quickly, creep towards finals week.

The only thing about it being December that I don’t like is that I have three more weeks of school to get through, and these are arguably the hardest weeks of the semester.  I want so badly to be able to fully enjoy this awesome time of year.  However, I’m still trying everyday to do something little to enjoy the winter and holiday season, especially now because it is officially December.  Today it was the peppermint mocha. And while I don’t know what my next few weeks will bring, I can be sure that warm, chocolatey drinks and ear piercing renditions of some holiday classics will abound.

Happy December!