Room Draw

Room draw is upon us. For non-Sagehen readers, this is the process in which students choose their housing situations for the next year. Although Pomona has some pretty attractive (and some really attractive) options to choose from, this process may prove to be a tumultuous one. Despite my senior status, this April will bring my very first room draw, meticulously avoided up to now through the sponsor program and Edinburgh.

We’re shooting for a friendship suite, but no one wants to be left behind, dragged down the list by high numbers, or abandoned completely if the suite changes sizes. Because of this, we are thrown into an awkward dance, careful not to overstep, constantly backing up and trekking forward as we examine our options. We originally hoped for a six-person suite despite having five people, so we added another friend in, only to realize that four-person suites are easier to get, so we decided to break into two, only to have confused, lopsided numbers. Further, four amongst us are unsure of which third our numbers will be in, since we were sponsors or Oldenborg-ers sophomore year, and one is abroad without consistent internet access. With everyone’s eyes on Pomona’s crown jewels (read: the new dorms,) the future remains unclear.

I’m sure the process will end up just fine (or, perhaps, I’m feeding off of false hope.) Needless to say, we will spend the next few weeks with maps open and fingers crossed.