Smiley ’80s!


Last night, the Pomona Events Committee hosted the Smiley ’80s dance in the Edmunds Ballroom. Let me preface this post by saying how I¬†unabashedly love ’80s music. I’m pretty sure I was born in the wrong decade. So I was obviously very excited when I got a Facebook invitation to PEC: Smiley ’80s.A couple of my Ultimate Frisbee teammates (post about the wonderful Claremont Greenshirts coming soon) decided to go to the dance together. First on the agenda was thrift shopping. After our morning practice, we made our way down Foothill Boulevard to American Way. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that Saturdays are their 30%-off sale days, which meant that I got my entire outfit (jacket, high-waisted jean shorts, and t-shirt which I then proceeded to cut off half of) for $5.

Later, we all got ’80s-ified in my dorm. There was a lot of fabric cut, hair tied on the tops of heads, and crazy eyeshadow. Then we made our way up to the Smith Campus Center. When we got there, they were giving out free shutter shades, sweatbands, glow sticks, and so much food. Inside the hall, there were some crazy lights and a live ’80s cover band. The dance itself was so much fun. Everyone was dressed in their best ’80s gear and jamming to all of the classics. It was definitely one of my favorite dances of the year and I may already be looking forward to going next year.

Some pictures from before we headed up to the dance:



Greenshirts looking good in our best ’80s attire.

IMG_0951Mudd 1 Back ready to rock.