Room Draw

Oldenborg (the language dorm) room draw was yesterday and our normal room draw numbers came out today. This was my first room draw, which was kind of exciting, and a bit sad because I’m almost not a freshman… Also, my very decent regular room draw number is going to waste because I’ve already committed to living in Oldenborg next year. But anyway, here are a few things I learned as a freshman going to her first room draw:1. Don’t get there on time: Overeager freshmen poured into Oldenborg at 5:30 in preparation for their first room draw. My suitemate and I left an hour later, when they weren’t even halfway through the list.

2. Have some sort of plan: Or at the very least, know when room draw is. (We were informed by our fellow spib at approximately 1:30, the morning of room draw.) Knowing what rooms you want to aim for also makes the whole process a bit less stressful (and faster).

3. Don’t stress: Things have a way of working themselves out.

4. Don’t offend your suitemate as you are in the holding room: Your dislike of Icees may cause him to threaten to not pull you up and leave you to the mercies of the room draw gods. Don’t even joke about that.