Valentine’s Day: Campus-Style

Attention: Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching! Whether or not you have a sweetheart this Valentine’s Day, check out these romantic places around campus for intimate conversation (or other potential activities). The following five spots are a few of my favorite Valentine or “Pal”entine areas:

1.         Bench Swings

Benches Between Lawry and Pomona Dorm

Located between Lawry dorms and Pomona Hall, these benches are perfect for swaying, cuddling and star-gazing.

2.         Sontag Hall Rooftop Gardens

Sontag Hall Rooftop Garden

The Sontag Hall new dorm rooftops provide stunning 360 degree views of campus and beyond. Fragrant orange trees lend a pleasant aroma to the evening breeze. A great spot to relax and take in the beauty of SoCal.

3.         Marston Quad

Marston Quad, courtesy of
Marston Quad, courtesy of

Marston Quad is another prime star-gazing spot. Lay a blanket down on the well-trimmed grass and enjoy the beauty of the boundless sky.

4.         Your Room

A clean floor, scented candle, good movie, bottle of wine (or sparkling cider) and box of chocolates add up to make your own room a very special, and romantic, place to be.

5.         Nick Bougopoulos’ Room

Just kidding (or maybe not, ladies…), shout-out to my suitemate.