Storm Troubles

With less than a week before I fly back to California, Tropical Storm Isaac decides to come into the picture. My family and I watch the 10pm news with status updates on this storm every night. Right now, Isaac is still a tropical storm. However, as this week progresses on, Isaac will gain strength and become a hurricane — possibly a category 2.

The official predicted path is a bit west of Atlanta, where I’m from. However, that does not bring me comfort because hurricane paths are generally unpredictable. With one new piece of information, the path could shift back over.

My family has experienced a hurricane before, so my family is prepared in dealing with the situation should the need arise. However, I hope that my family will be okay if I manage to fly out on time.  Even if I do manage to fly out, I hope that other Sagehens from the Southeast and their families will not experience devastating effects from this storm.