A Very Different TNC

In case you were wondering what seniors get up to when they don’t have class on Fridays, some of us at least participate in TNC.  No, not the crazy party at CMC, but rather, as one friend dubbed it, Thursday Night Coloring.  Yes, my friends and I spent last night having a coloring party, a tradition we carry on from our sponsor and our freshmen days.

If you think that’s lame or juvenile, clearly you haven’t been near a coloring book or package of markers lately.  Coloring is lots of fun, you can do sing-alongs while you color and it’s supposed to be really relaxing.  Plus, I have some awesome coloring books like one of Disney villains and another one about living green that I got at my favorite store in the village, The Folk Music Center.

So kick back!  Relax!  Color!


See, we’re coloring oh-so diligently.