Going to Snack Late Is Not a Good Idea

Yesterday marks the second day of Snack I’ve attended as a Pomona College student.

Snack, which takes place at Frary Dining Hall Sunday thru Wednesday, 10:30-11:30p.m., has made me realize that as college students, we should take advantage of free stuff whenever possible because the struggle is real. I’ve come to realize that getting food isn’t so easy anymore. No longer is food readily available all day, every day: No longer can I walk to my kitchen at home and grab food whenever I desire to do so.

While studying in my room with Jennifer Okonkwo, I grew hungry. According to a friend, there was pizza at Frary. It was about 11:15p.m., and we both decided to embark on the long walk from South Campus to North.

We reasoned that, for pizza, it would be worth it.

Okonkwo, noting the time, decided we should walk faster, as snack was nearing its end. This resulted in a panic and a mad dash past Big Bridges. Within moments, we were at Frary’s steps, with about five minutes to spare.

Unfortunately for us, the unwitting freshmen that we are, we didn’t realize that, by that time, the supply of snack food runs low. We tapped our ID cards to get in and were disappointed to see what we had walked all the way up north to be faced with: scraps and some crust–but not the nice Some Crust you get from the Village.

The last traces of pizza left for student consumption wound up on my plate.

Okonkwo and I thought the walk was not worth it: Though the pizza was so, so good, we were left wanting more.

But as we finished, we saw Talia Vilaplana walk by, with pizza on plate. It turns out that the dining-hall people, likely, were trying to make sure there was enough pizza to please everybody till 11:30.

Okonkwo and I tried to reenter the place where you get food, even though (for some reason) students are now only allowed go through it once. Maybe the man there saw how hungry we were and took pity on us; maybe he saw how excited we were to know that there was more pizza. At any rate, he made an exception and let us both in.

We found four last slices, arranged so that there were two pairs of two slices stuck together. It was almost too good to be true.

I haven’t laughed of happiness like that in a long time.

The struggle