For anyone that has been on Twitter, Facebook, or for that matter, just been present on the Pomona College campus, you have probably heard some form of complaint about the new and not-so-improved Frary Snack.  This is probably salt in the wounds for most people reading this, but for those who haven’t been brutally welcomed back by the ghostly semblance of what was once our beloved Snack.  Swiping in? No cereal? The imposing bouncers waiting at the doors to reject any attempts of readmittance?  No offense, Frary, but you are not a hot Hollywood nightclub and I very much believe that you cannot reach capacity that quickly (unless that infamous “ratio” is being upheld and the females are allowed to sneak back into the serving area to grab the apples they forgot to get the first time around).  OK, yeah I realize how incredibly spoiled I sound spouting off about how the free food we get 4 nights a week now has a cap on it, but darn it, it’s our Snack and we want it back!  Isn’t that what tuition goes toward?  Our amazing dining service and the upkeep of  the frequently necessary Camp Sec golf carts?  I propose a change!  It’s been a while since that whole “Occupy” thing was hip, and I think it’s high time to bring that back.  And considering how most of my communication is done via Twitter nowadays, what better way to start it that with a hashtag? #OCCUPYSNACK should adorn every tweet that any well-to-do Pomona student furiously thumbs out on their iPhones from now on! Who’s with me?