Founders Day!

Hi! Sorry, I have been MIA for a while now. Getting sick during midterm season is not the best combination. However, I’m back now, and I wanted to write about my experience at Pomona’s 125th anniversary.

This is my friend Danielle Davis (Pomona ’15) and me enjoying ourselves. There was a carousel! I personally haven’t ridden one of those in years. It was great to temporary go back to a time before midterms existed.

That wasn’t all that this celebration had. There was cake, quidditch, A Capella groups, different dance groups, and so much more. There was a flash mob too! I was a part of it (organized by the CCBDC). It took a few weeks of practice, however I am satisfied with the results. Here’s a video that my friend took. Sorry about the running scene, she was taken back by the suddenness.

Even though the lines were long for a few attractions such as the tattoos and dinners (the dining halls were closed), I still had a good time. Many people I talked to said the same thing. Pomona definitely knows how to celebrate its birthday.

Happy Belated Birthday Pomona!