Working It Out

“Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands; they just don’t.”

In the wise words of Legally Blonde’s Elle Woods, exercise generates endorphins and endorphins increase happiness. Additionally, according to almost all doctors, exercise has the added benefit of improving physical health. As students return from Thanksgiving weekend to face the stress of finals preparation, exercise can help maintain mental and physical well-being. Luckily for Pomona students, a variety of exercise options exist on and off campus. It’s no wonder that the student body is brimming with endorphins.

The east side of Rains Center at Pomona College
The east side of Rains Center

1. The Rains Center

A top-notch workout facility, the Rains Center has both a weight room with both machines and free weights and an aerobics room with stationary bikes, urgs, ellipticals and treadmills. Also, the Rains Center recently installed new high-tech ellipticals and treadmills, making the overall workout experience even more enjoyable.


2. Claremont Hills Wilderness Trail

A ways north of campus, this trail is a beautiful hike for those willing to walk, bike or drive to the trailhead. A five-mile loop, the trail provides a great leg workout and some beautiful views. The Claremont Hills Wilderness trail is located north of the Claremont campuses on Mills Avenue. One warning: beware of occasional snakes on the trail.

3. Exercise Classes

Sign up for an exercise class (usually a partial credit) at the Rains Center. Classes range from Ultimate Frisbee to archery and include courses in weight training, aerobics and swimming. Also, drop-in Zumba classes are free for Pomona students on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9-10 p.m. at the Rains Center.

4. The Three-Mile Loop

Three-mile running route
Three-mile running route

This is one of my go-to running routes: Start at the intersection of North College Way and Sixth Street, right by the Rains Center and Smith Campus Center. Run west to Indian Hill Boulevard and turn right to run north, slightly uphill. Run to Foothill Boulevard and turn right to run east. Run to Claremont Boulevard and turn right to run south, slightly downhill. Run to Sixth Street and turn right to run west, returning to the starting point at North College Way and Sixth Street. The route is almost exactly three miles.

5. Dance Parties

Dancing is my personal favorite way to increase endorphins. Attend any of the weeknight or weekend dance parties or have a personal dance party of your own to boogie down and get your heart rate up.