Ten Things to Look Forward to Your First Year at Pomona

Ten things to look forward to in your first year at Pomona College (in no particular order):

by Jack Buyske ’18
1. Fountaining

What is fountaining, you ask? At some point during your first year, your sponsor group will gently lower you (read: drop you) into one of the many beautiful fountains around campus. This is traditionally done at midnight on one’s birthday, but if your birthday doesn’t fall during the semester, they’ll still find a way. Fountaining is a cherished Pomona tradition and bonding experience for the whole sponsor group

2. Snack

Every Sunday through Wednesday from 10:30 to 11:30 p.m., Frary hosts Snack, a mini meal and cult favorite that doesn’t cost you any meal credits or flex dollars. The classic Snack menu is peanut butter & jelly, cereal and fruit, but the menu changes from night to night.

3. 47 Things Trips

Pomona treasures a list of 47 things in the local area that every student should do before graduation, and, in order to help everyone meet this goal, the College runs a number of subsidized (or free!) trips throughout the semester. These can be anything from a late-night Donut Man run to an evening-long excursion to a Dodgers or Lakers game. Be sure to sign up for one at some point!

4. Challah

Every Thursday night, the Challah for Hunger club sells its challah bread in the Smith Campus Center. Students can purchase challah with their flex dollars, making the treat all the more tempting. Plus, all profits go to a variety of nonprofits committed to ending hunger, so it’s all for a good cause—and a delicious Thursday study break.

Going for the layup

5. PP-CMS Rivalry Game

Pomona-Pitzer’s most important rivalry is with Claremont-Mudd-Scripps, and students tend to relish any opportunity to beat CMS. Football and basketball games between the two teams are always particularly well attended, especially on a Friday or Saturday, but the rivalry is just as fierce across every sport, so be sure to don your Eligy Polr tank at some point and cheer on your Sagehens.

6. Nochella

While Coachella may also be near the top of the list of events you are looking forward to, Nochella is a much cheaper and more Pomona-centric event that everyone can add to their calendars. Nochella is Pomona Events Committee’s annual day-long music festival, featuring student groups and headlined by high-quality artists who are marginalized by the mainstream music industry. Headliners the past two years have been rappers Isaiah Rashad and Noname.

7. Explore LA

We are a 50-minute train ride from the second largest city in the country, and there is an endless amount to explore, from fantastic food to world-class museums to nine major professional sports teams. One student favorite is the Grand Central Market, a collection of amazing local food stalls located walking distance from Union Station.

8. 4/7 Day

Because 47 is such a special number to our campus community, April 7 (i.e. 4/7) is something of a holiday on Pomona’s campus. Last year, this meant a huge celebration on Marston Quad from, you guessed it, 4 to 7 p.m. There were food trucks, free t-shirts and hoodies, a zip line across the quad, face-painting for the kids and more. Keep this date circled on your calendar.

Undeniably cuddlesome

9. De-stress with Puppies

Finals are not necessarily something you would expect to find on a list of what to look forward to in college, but one silver lining is the “De-stress Event” thrown by Pomona Events Committee. This event happens shortly before exams start, and features endless food, a climbing wall, playful puppies for all, and, last semester, even calming turtles and other reptiles.

10. ID1 Lunches

Few things are more of a staple of your first year than lunch at Frank at 12:15 on Tuesdays and Thursdays with friends from your Critical Inquiry class. ID1classes are scheduled immediately before lunch partially to create this dynamic, and it’s a great way to get to know your classmates and keep discussing whatever reading was the topic of class that day. When you’re a sophomore, you’ll hate the crowds that accompany the entire first year class embracing this tradition, but for now, enjoy the camaraderie.