An Ode to Realizing It Is November of Your Senior Year

By Chilinh (CC) Rozen ’18

It was about 11:17 a.m. on a fine Monday morning when I stopped responding to emails and actually opened a Google Doc to take notes for my 11 a.m. to 12:15 class (I have left out the name of this class, which I do love, so that my professor does not realize I spent the first 17 minutes feverishly responding to emails, not taking diligent notes). I checked the date on my computer, only to realize it was NOVEMBER 13TH! I kid you not. Thanksgiving is in a week and a half, and then the semester is practically over, and then I only have one semester left as a Pomona College student. Woooooooooow.

So, I decided to take this time to reflect on the aspects of Mondays here that I will miss dearly and am almost positive I will not have on Mondays in the working world.

1. A Frary omelet made by omelet chef extraordinaire, Jack. Seasoned with the Cholula that I am so lucky to have infinite access to in the dining halls.

2. Quickly running to the Coop Fountain to get some avocado toast during my 45-minute break between classes.

3. Lying outside on a bench reading an amazing book for my “Immigration and Second Generation” class (Lives in Limbo by Roberto Gonzales, go check it out) which now has avocado stains on the pages. This transitioned into a 3-minute accidental power nap before I headed to class.

4. My professor taking us out to the Claremont bakery Some Crust after we watched a tear-jerking film about Vietnamese boat people (OK, I am sorry that all the things I will miss have to do with food, that is just who I am).

5. Getting Pho in town with my girlfriend and playing a new card game gifted to me by my advisor at the table.

Oh boy, I am gonna miss this place.