Campus Jobs: From Farming to DJing

By Sonam Rikha ‘24

KSPC-88.7, Pomona’s radio station

With the increase in college fees and the many spending temptations in Claremont, getting a job on campus becomes a necessity for many college students. Luckily for Pomona students, there are an array of jobs on campus that encompass a variety of interests. Whether it be helping a professor conduct research, working at the Pomona farm, or managing the social media account for the college radio station (KSPC 88.7), there are jobs for everyone.


A campus job posted on Handshake

At Pomona, you can find most on-campus jobs on Handshake––a more college student-friendly version of LinkedIn. Every Pomona student has a Handshake account that they can log into with their Pomona email. Through your Handshake account, you can stay up-to-date with new job postings on campus and apply directly to them. Many on-campus jobs listed on Handshake do have a résumé or cover letter requirement, but if you’ve never heard either of those words before, have no fear because the Career Development Office (CDO) is here! When I was a first-year with very little work experience and no knowledge of cover-letter writing, the CDO was there to guide me through every step of the way. On the Handshake website, you can click on the Career Center tab and book appointments with the CDO. From interview practices, cover letter templates, to résumé reviews, the CDO has it all.

Applying to jobs on campus can feel daunting at times, but don’t worry. The Pomona faculty who are posting these jobs on Handshake understand that college students don’t have a ton of work or internship experience. Instead, they look for transferable skills (which can be from extracurriculars, volunteering, etc.) and character. The cover letter is a perfect place to explain why you want to obtain a certain position and what you can bring to the job. My advice for my fellow students is to visit the CDO for help, apply to multiple on-campus jobs, and become familiar with Handshake. Also, be cognizant that there is a limit to the number of hours a student can work on campus and that you are also a full-time college student. Remember, there are a plethora of jobs on campus so take advantage of them!